Future humans will settle around other stars

Settling around other stars had been a badly unrealistic fantasy dream wanting unreal faster than light travel. Real universe trips to stars would actually cost decades to centuries. That would cost huge supplies of somehow transported energy to speed up, grow food all that time, and then finally slow down. And besides, few stars would have even a single planet livable for us!

The best they'd be able to do there would be to build asteroid settlements, and finally Fullball Worlds. So why ever bother trying? With many thousands of asteroids in our own Solar system, such living places could thus be extremely more easily built right here for far bigger populations than Earth could ever support!

But new made Non cellulars presented a completely new possibility. Since they were formed in a lab over a few years, something like that could be done robotically at another star. Just send a miniaturized robotic collection there. It might take years to expand its abilities and robotic capacity on some good asteroid. It would build and aim back here a very wide communications telescope to receive, store, then use lots of beamed wanted encoded technical details.

Finally this could become capable of forming non cellulars. Mental readouts from non cellulars back here would be beamed there and implanted. Then it would be almost as if the source non cellulars had been given a light-speed trip there fully deactivated, taking only several years! And this could continue being done for ever more non cellulars mentally duplicated from back here. The duplicates would soon develop individually mentally different from their sources back here thanks to their different life experiences there.

So at last we (actually noncellulars made there) could really truly expand out to other stars! Then as their technology became expanded enough, they might even become able to produce in their settlements Earth animals including humans! Then if ever any disaster struck out Solar system, humans & moderns would continue existing at other stars!

Aliens could come here too. They could be fascinating and even lots of fun! Then far into the future when our galaxy collides through the bigger Andromeda galaxy, this expansion method can assure continued existence of humans & moderns.

This is a guest post. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, you may email Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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