Future humans will improve biologically and genetically

Robotic devices have freed some humans from some tedious labors.  This should be expected to continue thanks to future more advanced Robotic devices.Future humans such as "moderns", freed from ever more boring labors, will thus become able to give increasing time and brain power to study and devise ever more better complex inventions to accomplish more.

Biologically improved over past humans to now live ageless and disease free, moderns will thus gain lots of time to think up, research and devise ever more wonderful good inventions, as robotic servers take care of farming, manufacturing and distribution, and even some chores at home!  This will let such future advanced humans become ever more skilled imaginative great thinking creative inventors.

Moderns will realize that they can do more to biologically and genetically internally improve themselves than just eliminating aging problems and avoiding old disease vulnerabilities.  E.g., all our cells have the same chromosome genes.  In different organs different genes are activated to accomplish what the organ is specialized to do, while genes special for other organs are turned off. So why not creatively devise ways to eliminate unused genes for different organs?  Then cells could become slightly smaller.  Also active genes can be devised more efficient than ancient evolution provided.

Making such improvements in brain cells means the brains of moderns became a bit smaller and a bit faster thinking, (while nicely eliminated headaches in some of them).  The resulting space opened up around the now smaller more efficient brain eventually allowed moderns to have extra thinking neurons produced as a good new thin outer brain layer to helpfully improve thinking capacity.  Other cell and genetic improvements further increased their thinking abilities and speed.

Moderns kept nicely becoming ever more creatively brainy! This reached a level where the growing numbers of moderns off Earth were advancing internal improvements beyond what those back on Earth could do as quickly or complexly.  Moderns on Earth didn't dare change themselves so much. That could be too easily detectable in maybe an easy blood test by those suspicious and murderously hateful against moderns.  They could wait till escaped off-Earth to join moderns there now becoming the dominant best thinkers.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com and ask for DOS compressed

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