Mantra to remove fear of tiger, snake, lightning and thief

Some people have a phobia and fear about certain things, no matter how hard they try to rid themselves of that fear it persists.

This is a unique Mantra to remove the fear of tiger, snake, lightning and thief. This is also considered to be a powerful Protection Mantra.

This mantra has to be recited 5 times before bedtime and after reciting this mantra one should clap three times and the go to bed. Doing this is said to remove all fear from tiger, snake, lightning and thief.

Wagh, bijuli, sarp, chor chariu bandhau ek thor l
Dharti mata akash pita raksh raksh shri parmeshwari kalika vacha duhai mahadev ki ll

वाघ,बिजुली,सर्प,चोर चारिऊ बांधौ एक ठोर l
धरती माता आकाश पिता रक्ष रक्ष श्री परमेश्वरी कलिका वाचा दुहाई महादेव की ll

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