Mantra to remove planetary ill effects

This is a Graha Pida Nashak Mantras or a mantra to remove planetary ill effects. The nine planets or NAVAGRAHA keep exerting continuous influences on our lives. Great and beneficial events occur when the planets are aligned in a beneficial position. Many times the planetary transits are in a malefic or adverse position. It is during these adverse transits that one encounters one problem after another.

The mantra given below is one which is said to eradicate malefic influences of planets. This mantra has to be recited 10,000 times to acquire Siddhi [mastery]. Thereafter it can be recited 108 times whenever one feels that his stars are in an adverse alignment.

Ganesha Lord of Planets 3D Image
Ganesha Lord of Planets

Namo bhaskaraya l
Sarvagrahana peedanashan kuru kuru swaha ll

नमो भास्कराय l
सर्वाग्रहाणां पीडानाशनं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ll

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  1. Please post a mantra to get relief from negative effects of sun and mars.

  2. This has to be the most informative sites on such matters that exist on the net.A virtual library of wealth.
    many thanks.

  3. Can I chant this mantra at anytime or must I chant this mantra only when my planetary positions are not favourable?Please confirm.

  4. Namskar Neelji,

    Thanks for creating such a informative and most helpful site. Please guide us about one common question:
    If we need to chant mantra for 100000 times then in how many days we can do this? or it should be done in single sitting?

  5. for the above mantra should we add om before that mantra r should it be said like that.

    1. There is no need to add Om before the Mantra

  6. you can complete it in as many days as u wish . but once u start it you should maitnain diet [away from non veg ,smoking ,alcohol]. you should maintain brahmacharya til u complete . you mind should be free from any kind of negative thikings. so preferbly its better if u comple early if u can [1008] times a day.

  7. maharaj if i go above 10000 of this mantra is there any problem or it has to be exact and can i not chew or eat tobacco

  8. Neel Sir:
    Is there such a mantra of Kali Mata that attains the same effect as the mantra above? I think if I worship Kali Devi, isn't it better to recite her mantra than to recite the mantra above? Please reply to my doubt. Thanks in advance.

    1. Any devotional Mantra of Kali Mata can be used to good effect to negate the astrological ill effects or Dosha of Planets in the horoscope.
      You can look up the section of Shakti Mantras to find your desires Kali Mata Mantra.

    2. Any devotional mantra of Kali Mata- Does that include her moola mantra- Om kreem kalikayai Namah? I think before we chant any particular mantra of a deity, it's better to start from the beej mantra of that deity- am I smart on such thought? Thanks again for the answer.

    3. Sure the Mool Mantra selected by you will be sufficient for resolving the problems in your horoscope.
      There is no need to chant any other Kali Mata Mantra along with it as it is always better to concentrate and have faith in one particular Mantra.

    4. Sir, How should the mantra be recited? Is it proper to recite it 108 times daily? And when? Must we worship her with some offerings before reciting the mantra? Please reply again Sir.

  9. Respected Neel Sir,
    Is this mantra to be recited 10,000 times in a single day or we can spread it among a number of days and complete the 10,000 recitation? Please let me know.
    Also, would like to know if there is any mantra that can be recited if our kundli is under Maha Shani Dashaa? I have been told that my Maha Shani Dasha has started since 2013 and will end by 2033 and in that period, i will undergo a lot of pain and helplessness.

  10. Dear Neel Sir,

    I am already follower of your recommended mantras, Thank you for your help Sir. I have a query, do we need to complete 10000 recitations of above mantra in 1 single day or can we complete in few days like in 1080 each day for 10 days or with in 9 days spam of time. Kindly guide me & Thanks once again in advance.
    Regards - Vin

  11. Dear Sir,

    Sorry to bother you again, since me and my mother will be starting this sadhana by dividing equally it for few days. My query is can we both start the sadhana on same day, same place & same time individually ? or we have to start this in different days along with time difference as well. Also, kindly mention if there any rules to be followed during the sadhana. Kindly guide us.

    Thanks a lot.

    Regards -Vin

    1. Both or any one of you have to complete the Sadhana individually and not divide it into 2 parts.

  12. Would you pls reply my query posted above on July 30. Can 2 person s starting sadhana on same day & time? Any other rules...


  13. Neel sir, you have given another version of this mantra lately. is the mantra given in this page is still valid????

    1. Yes, the Mantra is valid for the purpose for which it has beep given.


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