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Bible Prophecy of Alien Invasion

There is a Bible Prophecy speaks about the distress of nation, about how the hearts of the people fail from fear as they watch the things that are coming down upon the Earth. This is one of the most important of the Alien Prophecies ever visualized in the history of Prophecy and Predictions. The prophecy as mentioned above speaks of things descending from space upon the Earth and not falling upon the Earth. Falling of things that invoke such fear and dread could only indicate a Comet or Asteroid on a collision path with Earth. However it is not Falling, but Coming which the prophecy speaks of, so what other than a Comet could possibly come to the Earth; Aliens, Alien Spaceships, Alien Landing, Alien Invasion .

Truth of Mayan 21 December 2012 Doomsday Prophecy

The Mayan Prophecy that the world was going to end on 21st December 2012 is universally believed to be the biggest flop show of the century. Did the Mayan end time prophecy really fail? Or Is it yet to come? Or Was it improperly interpreted? The answer was already published on this site over 3 years before the much-awaited Doomsday of 21st December 2012.

Vashikaran [Attraction] Yantra for Friend

This is Vashikaran [Attraction] Yantra for attracting a friend. By friend, I do not mean a lover; however, the friend can be either a man or woman. This Indian Charm is said to bring the friend back into your life and come on his own to meet you. However, no selfish motives, like getting some work done or borrowing money should be attached as the Charm is said to work only in those cases where the friendship is pure and without any ulterior or hidden motive.

How to locate nearby Asteroids

Robotically costing little beyond time needed for some new settlers to gradually program well and oversee all needed for preparing and having sent out possibly many robotic loads to newly found asteroids, the investors group, responsible for the high orbiting settlements, decided it seemed extra useful to have this also done for new found even smaller significant asteroids sometimes nearing Earth's orbit, (if not safely too little to ever give any bad far future possible collision threat much beyond just a meteor flash or maybe at most a small meteorite splash into the ocean or a hopefully little damaging strike maybe into a farm or a building roof. As we can see some nights, little "shooting stars" meteorites loose surface layers, brightly vaporized falling into the atmosphere. And also they may be rather fragmented, much less harmful.)

Yantra [Talisman] to remove Stomach Pain

This is a Yantra [Talisman] to remove Stomach Pain. The Indian Tantras recommend this Yantra as one of the talismans to get relief from stomach pain. Those suffering from this condition can practice this Yantra or those whose family members or friends are experiencing unbearable pain can try this paranormal health remedy on them.

The Huge Benefits of Ganesh Gayatri Mantras

Ganesh Aradhana as I have many times written about in earlier posts is one of the most powerful forms of worship to tide over bad times and sudden and unexpected calamities and dangers, physical, mental, astrological , medical or financial. In this post, I will tell you about the Huge Benefits which can be gained by the chanting of the Ganesh Gayatri Mantras

Muslim Vashikaran Yantra to Attract Men

Just as there is an Islamic Vashikaran Yantra to attract girls, the one, which I posted yesterday, its counterpart, the one to attract men, is given here in this post today. This Muslim Naqsh is also suitable for the woman whose husband has fallen in love with another woman or deserted her or has lost interest in her. The Naqsh  helps the woman to retain the love back of her husband or if unmarried put the man, she loves under a Vashikaran Spell.

The Split Personality of Aam Aadmi Party

There is a potential Jekyll and Hyde present in each person is what some philosophers say; split personality, a common phrase. One part of the mind good and the other it’s exact opposite, this is what the layperson will clearly understand.  This split personality disorder also extends to groups, the most obvious group in India being the Aam Aadmi Party , gods latest gift to an India under seize from corruption, dynastic rule and all the morbid rewards of mis-governance.

Muslim Vashikaran Yantra to Attract Girl

This is a Muslim Vashikaran Yantra, a Love Charm or an Akarshan Naqsh to attract a girl you are in love with. The procedure and making of this Vashikaran Spell is similar to that of most of the Hindu Yantras. In this post, I will explain how this Islamic Love Spell  is made to work.

Robotic Collection on New Found Asteroids

Over many months, determining well the orbits of newly found asteroids would finally allow sending special robotic collections to reach new found asteroids , if not seeming too small, if at least as big as someone's house as they continued orbiting Sol. To have attempted these made on Earth and rocketed up would have been expensive nonsense, (and air polluting, for so many asteroids).

Kali Kali Vashikaran Mantra Prayog

This is a Vashikaran Mantra, which includes the name of the Divine Mother Kali. However, the scriptures do not prescribe any special kind of Puja- Archana or Sadhana for the practitioner of this Vashikaran Mantra.  This experiment can be used to put a Vashikaran Spell  on any man or woman.

Vashikaran Yantra for Shani Pushya Yoga

The Shani Pushya Yoga is an extremely uncommon astrological alignment between the Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri] and Saturn, the ruling planet of this constellation. As already pointed from time to time the Pushya Nakshatra is an extremely fruitful constellation to commence most auspicious activates. In this post is given a Vashikaran Yantra , which is said to bear fruit if prepared and used during this astrological alignment.

Yantra [Talisman] for Knee Pain

This is a Yantra for the specific purpose of getting relief from Knee Pain. This Indian Talisman is free from any kind of infusion, mantra or prayer procedure and hence can be prepared and used as and when required to relieve and get rid of Knee Pain. This is an Indian paranormal health remedy and specifically for those who follow and practice such remedies.

Monitoring Unknown Asteroids in Future

Most asteroids within the main belt have orbital eccentricities <0.4, and an inclination of <30deg. The orbital distribution of the asteroids reaches a maximum for those being of just slight eccentricities of ~0.07 and inclinations <4deg [~ means approximately, < means less than]. Thus most stay well in the planetary disk, while in almost circular orbits .

Talisman to Strengthen Mind

Most people the world over suffer from mental weakness, some time or the other in their lives. The fatigue of mind, give rise to lots of other psychological as well as physical conditions. The mind and body both function, well below their optimum levels and feeling of lethargy and being overwhelmed overcomes the sufferer.

Mantra to Exorcise a Chudail

A Chudail is said to be a feminine mystic entity that has always been a part and parcel of Indian tradition. Indian Mythology is replete with tales about Chudails and their ghostly exploits. This entity is generally believed to be a female ghost, the spirit of a woman who has dies with some unfulfilled desires and comes back to trap someone into being the outlet for desire fulfillment.

Pati Vashikaran Tantras

These are some more Pati Vashikaran Tantras, experiments, the ones that do not make the use of either a mantra or yantra .   In the Hindi language these experiments are called Yoni Aur Masik Dharm Ke Rakt Se Pati Ko Vash Karne Ke Tantric Totke. The Totke given in this post are Tantras to put a spell over a husband, enchant him and put him under your thumb or make him a slave as the text says. In this post are contained four different attraction experiments.

Paranormal Remedy for Fair Complexion

The is a home remedy for having a fair complexion. This Indian remedy could also be classified as a paranormal one , because it has to be practiced during the period of a specific constellation. However, I do not attach any importance for fair complexion, I am publishing this remedy because many readers have requested for one.

Detecting unknown Asteroids from Venus

Telescopes to discover (usually not big) unknown asteroids between Venus and Mars, may be conveniently put into months long wide orbits around Venus. (For 1-6 month long orbits, the orbit radii around Venus are in km 365,000, 585,000, 765,000, 925,000, 1,080,000, 1,215,000 or as factors of Luna's orbit radius 384,393km: .96, 1.52, 1.99, 2.42, 2.80, 3.16.) The different telescopes viewing positions will help such asteroid seeking telescopes compute the orbits of found asteroids, a few at possible future risk of some century getting knocked or deflected into the orbit path of Earth .

Aghori Kapalika Vashikaran Experiment

This is most fearsome kind of Vashikaran Tantra , which is used to attract, enchant and bring a man or woman under a strong spell of Vashikaran. This Tantra is called the Kapalika Vashikaran Tantra; the Kapalikas were an ancient Indian Tantric group of Aghori Yogis, normally associated with a human skull as their calling card or symbol.

Shabar Mantra Sadhana for Success in Gambling

This is a Shabar Mantra Sadhana for success in Gambling, lottery, horse races, lotto, share market speculation and all other forms of Gambling and Speculation . The Sadhana is given as described in the ancient Indian Scripture and hence I do not take responsibility for success or failure, if it is put to practical use by anyone.

Navagraha Yantra Mantra Stotram Prayog

This is another one of the Navagraha Astrological Yantras to pacify adverse planets or an adverse planetary transit in the Horascope. This Navgraha Yantra is part of a long term Navagraha Stotra and Mantra Sadhana. The effects of this Prayog are long term and suitable for devote Hindus who is well versed with Indian traditions like Puja- Archana.

Use of Telescopes in finding Unknown Asteroids

Over the months long automated asteroid discovery test, the telescope actually discovered some other asteroids not previously well known, and was able to then also compute good orbit estimates for them. The orbits and the apparent asteroid types (from reflected spectra) and sizes (from viewed brightness) were transmitted to Earth libraries which kept updated lists of all known asteroids' types, sizes, and orbits.

Effective Uchchatan Mantra Experiment

Uchchatan Mantras as already explained from time to time, in earlier posts are Tamas Guni Mantras to remove an enemy from your life and environment.  Many a times these mantras are used to infuse articles such as human bones or certain herbs or plant parts which are hard to come by, this mantra does not need any such rare items and hence the one who has mastered it can easily use it.

Vashikaran Yantra Tantra for Foreign Country

The Yantra given in this post is a Vashikaran Yantra Tantra to attract someone who has gone to a far off land, like a foreign country. The Yantra is useful for all kinds of Vashikaran uses; for recalling a lover, spouse, son, daughter or any other loved one, who has gone far off and settled there.

Most Powerful Mohini Yantra

Most people in the world wish to enchant someone or the other, be it the lover, wife, husband, boss, financier, business associate, customer or even an enemy.  The traditional Indian Tantra of enchantment and attraction gives a huge variety of remedies for this purpose. In this particular post is published a most powerful Mohini Yantra to enchant and attract any one; including those mentioned above.

Indrajal Vanaspati in Vastu Shastra

Indrajal Vanaspati is a rare plant, which is found in the deep regions of the sea. This plant is given great importance in Vastu Shastra . The Vanaspati does not have leaves, but only stick like branches, which are stuck to each other. Indian Tantra Shastra states that the house which possesses the Indrajal Vanaspati is never found wanting in peace, happiness and wealth and abundance.

Calculating Orbit Path of Asteroids

Initially the pretended new unknown asteroid (actually secretly previously known) had been tentatively treated as if roughly having a circular orbit in the planetary disk. As the trial telescope needed to do, it quickly succeeded in spotting it again, then soon again.

Most Powerful Astrology Healing Charm

This Navnath Panth healing Yantra is a most powerful and potent Indian Healing Charm for a sick and ailing person. The Yantra is also said to be an effective talisman even for healing those suffering from serious diseases.

Strange Tantra to Attract Laxmi

This information given in this post is one of the many strange Indian Tantras to attract Laxmi [ Money, Wealth ] into your home. The reader has to remember that those Indian Mystics, who experienced the positive effect of practicing them, composed such Tantras. They discovered that certain materials had specific properties of attraction and repulsion and if used properly, they could gain specific and unique benefits.

Yantra Experiment for having Progeny

This is a Santan Data Yantra Prayog.  This Yantra Prayog is of the many unique Tantra experiments given in the Indian Scriptures for those aspiring for progeny.  In quest of the endeavor to provide as many options for those in need, some of these remedies have been provided here. However, it is best to add that birth and death is in the hands of God, the best I can do is to provide as many remedies as possible.

Deflecting Asteroids from crashing into Earth

There are millions of asteroids in the Solar system of at least .5km width, and lots more out beyond our most distant planet. The main asteroid belt, (between the orbits of Mars & Jupiter), has maybe 2,000,000 of width at least 1km, and 25,000,000 >100m wide. (On Earth a house might be 15m wide, in a 200m city block.) Also the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune has >100,000 asteroids >100km size. Also there's the even much farther out Oort cloud, out to as far as a light year from Sol, both also having lots more smaller ones.

Muslim Bismillah Naqsh for Misfortune

This is a Muslim Bismillah Naqsh for Misfortune; this is like a Hindu Yantra, which makes use of some unique practices. This Naqsh is for those people who are experiencing hardships and large doses of misfortune in their lives. In this post, I will tell how to prepare this Yantra.

Daily Mantra for Success

Today I will tell you an extremely simple Mantra Prayog to ensure success in whatever you do, every day. This 7 letter Mantra , which I have given here has to be chanted only 5 times daily, in the morning. This should preferably done after having a bath and wearing fresh clothes, so as to attract the best frequencies.

Saraswati Yantra for Intelligence

Many children tend to forget whatever they have studied. Still some of them are fearful of examinations and due to this fear forget at the crucial moment during the exams what they have prepared. A Satvik [Pure] Indian Tantra for such problems is the Saraswati Tantra . The talisman given in this post is a Saraswati Yantra, which is prescribed for children to overcome the difficulties mentioned herein above.

Articles on Indian Mantras

As all the visitors and subscribers of this site already know, mantras, yantras and various Indian Tantras form the main subject matter of this site. From time to time certain articles have been published to give basic knowledge to the readers of this site, especially non-Indians about the traditions and science behind these mantras. Given here is a selection of some of the articles published on this site. Efforts will be made to update this section as much as possible. Readers are requested to give their valuable feedback and knowledge for the betterment of this section to benefit all the readers.

Vashikaran Havan Mantra Sadhana

This is a Vashikaran Tantra, which makes the use of a Havan to attract, enchant and put a woman under a spell. These are Aghori Prayogs as I have from time to time explained in various previous posts  and hence they should be used with caution and for only for rightful and just purposes.

Discovery of more Asteroids in Future

There were lots more asteroids to be discovered orbiting Sol. Pairs of digitalized photographs could be assembled, maybe hours apart. Multiple images could also be collected over a series of days &/or from different orbiting telescopes. A pair of such images could be compared. Bodies in orbits around Sol would appear positioned differently above the stable starry far background. A combined stereo view of an asteroid could then seem to float it drifting above the starry background, nicely letting wanted asteroid distances get computed.

Aghori Videshan Mantra Prayog

This is an Aghori Videshan Mantra Prayog, which is conducted in a graveyard; this Tantra to create division by way of internal fights amongst enemies is only for the advanced Tantric Practitioner. This is a Siddha Mantra and does not need a lengthy Sadhana to gain Mastery over it.

Swastika Yantra for New Year

This is a Swastika Yantra to be hung from the door or wall of your house or office. The Swastika is considered in India to be an extremely auspicious symbol, the heralder of all things auspicious and deflector of all inauspicious things.  This is also the meaning of the word Swasti, when translated from Sanskrit into English.

What happens to Gender in Next Life

Those following past life and reincarnation beliefs, often wonder what really happens to their gender after death.   Will they retain their sexual preferences and unfulfilled hopes and aspirations. What happens to their gender after death or will a new one be thrust upon them. I hope this post will satisfy some, if not all these queries.

Future Space Communications

For beamed light signals in space, microgridded arrays of submicroscopic special tiny molecular light sensors sensed wavelengths and wave timings and strengths. Such microgridded arrays would be formed in flat face surfaces such as for a communication cube's square outer faces, while the cube interior would perform all programed needs, using saved energy converted from Solar light .

Mantra for Astrologers and Palmists

This is an excellent Satvik Meditation for those engaged in the field of astrology, future predictions, palmistry, numerology, face reading, tarot, soothsaying and others such paths related to the profession of making future predictions.  This mantra is believed to enhance and bring to the fore the in born skills of people aspiring to become futurologists.