Monitoring Unknown Asteroids in Future

Most asteroids within the main belt have orbital eccentricities <0.4, and an inclination of <30deg. The orbital distribution of the asteroids reaches a maximum for those being of just slight eccentricities of ~0.07 and inclinations <4deg [~ means approximately, < means less than]. Thus most stay well in the planetary disk, while in almost circular orbits.

It could cost weeks to find a previously unknown asteroid. It would thus help to have several such asteroid finding telescopes put into wide orbits around Venus or into orbits around the Lagrangian L4 & L5 points before & after Venus in its orbit. Sometimes 2 telescopes would get computationally combined, providing something like binocular vision to give an actual present orbit distance, while the telescopes may be somewhat oppositely far around or before or after Venus in its orbit. This allows much more quickly determining well a new found asteroid's present distance position and then its actual orbit.

With a later robotically made load sent to a new found asteroid, if it had been found to be at least as big as someone's house, an included microgridded communications cube, after getting stuck up on an stable rod anchored into a higher surface place, would beam to Earth improved orbit details plus the asteroid's local day details, size and surface nature.

The current investors group responsible for the high orbiting settlements, decided that, costing virtually nothing outside of time to program robotic devices on their source asteroids to have more things robotically prepared and sent out, they could thus have this done, to have special robotic collections sent to all found not too little asteroids, to monitor each into the future.

This would let all such significant known or new found asteroids have their orbits well monitored, for quickly reporting to Earth any future orbit disturbance, such as if getting struck by some other not too small asteroid. Then if ever one got its orbit deflected enough to pose any threat to Earth, it could be sent what could safely improve its orbit. Also such monitoring would let any newly computed altered orbit be reported to any space technicians, to let them safely avoid it in the future, or maybe to reach it if wanted.

Such programing, for asteroid monitoring needs, could be done by assigning that as subtasks from some new settlers, (as payment for their new homes and robotically well served easy living up in high orbit). And some other new settlers could soon monitor robotic progress, as their assigned subtasks.

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