Heavenly Pleasures on Earth in Future

Of course once aging can be greatly slowed, or even frozen in early adulthood, with cancers etc. and other aging problems eliminated, then who should care much about any pretended High Heaven? Why not let happy relaxed fun living actually become our better made future happy heaven, much enjoyed with lots of friends in lots of free time? Will this then ultimately become the future most happy nature of most all humans? Could be: thus it could become our extremely nice good preferred reality, most happily far surpassing all other animal living ways on Earth.

Let's be honest. Part of why we've been a very successful evolved social animal species is because we can be quite good at enjoying daily living, often thanks to time spent sharing in fun and activities with others. Thus we often then also become happy being helpful with others. Indulging in social and other pleasures, shared with others, keeps us wanting to help, and to nicely enjoy happily living successfully with others we may have frequent good fun with.

So it was fine to give time simply to gain nice pleasures often with others in free time. Moderns had been simply extending further this most useful good evolved social animal survival advantage. Had we not been an evolved (brainy) social animal species, maybe we never would have gradually developed and greatly advanced our ever more helpful science and technology.

Past extensive studies of good foods with excellent flavors had also nicely permitted some very sweet scented most lovely tasting candy-like treats to get prepared which people loved, such as to most deliciously slowly dissolve within their mouths.

Some special inside clothing had even gotten devised able to produce some of the best possible sensual pleasures all over or within sexy places, while walking or sitting, or simply lying down, thanks to fine little vibration patterns produced, (using connected batteries, or using electric converters from the local random sonic speeds molecular motions).

Gaining so much free time good for enjoying fun with others, several had fun trying to happily dream up new pleasure forms or good entertainments. Meanwhile, more and more nice happy well enjoyed parties were also occuring up in the high orbiting settlements.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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