Remedies for Dark Spots on Face - 3

This is the third post on home remedies for removing dark spots from the face. Like the first two posts, the remedies given in this one are also those which have been traditionally practiced in India; since ages. The ingredients used are harmless, having no side effects and those which are easily found. Those distressed people having dark spots on their faces and safely try these harmless remedies.

1] Take some Tulsi [Holy Basil Leaves] and mix them in water and crush to make a paste. Apply this paste on the face; especially on the dark spots. When the paste dries, sprinkle water over the face and softly remove the Tulsi Paste.

2] Rub the inside of the skin of Sour Lime over the face and after about 5 minutes apply a paste of Gram Flour over it. Then after about 15 minutes, sprinkle water and remove the paste.

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