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Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Pain

Ear pain in adults; as well as children could be due to wide range of reasons. Many a times Ear Pain, starts suddenly; without any warning or symptoms and gives a lot of pain to the sufferer. In such case without wasting much time to wait for the diagnoses; Homeopathy prescribes certain remedies to overcome this problem.

Humans frozen to be restored in future

Many plants and simpler life forms had evolved over millions of centuries to survive repeated freezing and thawing during Earth's winters, sometimes even daily! Such plants and animals had evolved able to become frozen several times during winter, and then during spring become thawed back fully normally alive. They have protective biochemicals in their cells nicely permitting this.

Enchantment Mantra

This is the Enchantment Mantra; a Mantra said to enchant everyone; male, female or animal; whom you come across in the course of the day. This is general spell to make the practitioner; enchanting in the eyes all those who behold him or her.

Simple Remedies for Itching Skin

Itching; mostly due to impurities present in the blood; causes a lot of discomfort, embarrassment and pain to the sufferer. The sufferer feels an unconformable urge to scratch the skin; the urge also becomes involuntary during sleep and this leaves the skin sore and damaged.

Mantra to stop child from crying

This is a Mantra to placate and stop a child from crying and calm it down. The Mantra was given to me by a Guru, who practices some unique Mantras; which have been handed over from one generation of his family to the other. I cannot say much about this procedure; however as this experiment is really simple, straightforward and does not consume much time or effort; I will tell you about it in good faith.

Homeopathic Remedies to stop Vomiting

The punishment given by the body for the excesses or omissions in consuming improper food manifests in the form of vomiting. Many a times vomiting causes great discomfort and becomes uncontrollable and involuntary; depending upon the nature of the stomach infection. In this post are given some useful homeopathic remedies to control and stop vomiting.

Hindu Astrology Remedies

Ancient Hindu sages were the pioneers in the field of astrology. In an age when civilizations in most parts of the world were living in caves; these learned men were pioneering the study of astronomy. They spent hours and hours studying the cosmos; the orbits of the various planets and stars; so as to formulate a unique method, to study the effects, the heavenly bodies in the cosmos had on life on the Earth.

Try This Remedy to increase Breast Size

The majority of men and women think the size of Breasts in women does matter. Can the size of the breasts be increased naturally, without any kind of surgery; like inserting artificial breast implants? Some alternative therapies say yes; massaging, herbal remedies and certain food to help increase the size of breasts.

Yantra for Respect and Honor

Every person longs for respect and honor in life; be it in the family, the office or the social circle. The Yantra which I have given in this post is specific for that very purpose; it is a Yantra for getting respect and honor.

Simple Home Remedy for Anemia

Anemia normally occurs when there is a deficiency of hemoglobin and iron in the body; the causes are due to numerous varied factors and the anemic person suffers from some worrying symptoms like –

Muslim Mantra to Remove Enmity

This is a Shabar Muslim Mantra to Remove Enmity. Most enemy and enemy related problems and headaches are said to be resolved by the practice of this Mantra. An enemy will turn amicable or even a friend , if you succeed in this Sadhana.

Simple Remedies for Stomach Worms

Intestinal Parasites affect everyone; those who take care of their bodies manage to remove them at regular intervals; before they start becoming harmful. In a previous post I had given an interesting Indian remedy to get rid of these worms – the post can be read - Here . In this post, I am giving some more remedies; using common every day ingredients. Anyone of these home remedies can be tried, if one so wishes.

Shiva Mantra to Cleanse Sins

The Mantra for the day is a Shiva Mantra to cleanse Sins. The meaning of the mantra is “I bow to the Shiva; the ONE who cleanses the SINS of all living beings”. There are 2 Mantras given in this post, you can choose which ever you wish; both have the same meaning.

Remedies for removing Dark Spots from Skin

In a post written some time back; a remedy to reduce Dark Spots on the face and the other parts of the skin ; like armpits, neck , arms was given. Here in this post 3 great remedies for reducing and removing Dark Spots, which make most people feel embarrassed and distressed, are being given. Any one of these simple home remedies can be tried.

Devi Mantra for Meditation

This is a Devi Mantra for Meditation. This Mantra is for the developed Sadhaks; those with higher spiritual leanings. Many times it is seen that while being engaged in higher meditation upon any deity, the Sadhak experiences certain thoughts and mental images about that deity, fleeting through his mind. This makes his mind go astray and he unconsciously starts dwelling on these thought; while still meditating upon the mantra. This defeats the very purpose of the meditation.

New Life Forms in Future

Being set apart advanced beyond just natural evolved humans was an important feature of "moderns". They weren't mere natural genetic evolved humans. But living mixed among natural genetic humans wasn't harmful. Moderns' mental inventions were in fact at times helpful to ordinary humans, as well as for gaining better performing robotic equipment on the source asteroids for things good especially for people in the high orbiting settlements, while being produced obtainable far cheaper than if being refined, produced, and expensively rocketed up from Earth.

Mantra for Muslims to overcome poverty

The mantra given in this post is a Muslim Shabar Mantra which was composed in the latter half of the Middle Ages especially for the Muslim population of those times to overcome and remove poverty, lack of essential life resources; like food, clothing and housing.

Yantra Prayog for Adverse Planets

A most common worry of many people is how they are being affected by adverse and malefic planetary combinations. Astrology give numerous remedies; including mantra, tantras and yantras to reverse this astrological condition and pacify malefic planets. A Yantra Prayog for pacifying adverse planets is what this post is all about.

If you are suspicious of your husband

This is a very interesting paranormal remedy for those women who are suspicious about their husbands; for one reason or the other. In most of the cases, such a mindset revolves around the suspicion that the husband is having an extra martial love affair. The remedy is said to also ensure that the relations with the husband will become sound and steady once again; that is if they have become strained.

Ashtakshara Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

The Ashtakshara Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is a simple; yet effect Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra ; especially for those who find it difficult to chant and pronounce Sanskrit Mantras. More so because it is normally prescribed for the very sick and ailing persons or those on death bed. And to expect such persons to chant difficult Mantras flawlessly is most unwise.

Mantra Prayog to Exorcise Black Magic

A Mantra Prayog to Exorcise Black Magic is given here. A couple of years back I observed a Sadhak from the Navnath Sampradaya practicing this Prayog on a young boy and a woman. This Sadhak told me that the Prayog was most beneficial in removing Jadu Tona; escpecilly in women and children who are not behaving normally and have become fearful due to no conceivable reason.

Kaal Sarp Yog Dosh Nivaran Puja

The Kaal Sarp Yog Dosh Nivaran Puja can be performed by you on your own without going to any of the Tirth Kshetras, famous for conducting such Poojas or engaging the services of a Brahmin, to perform the Pooja on your behalf. This will not only save your time and money; but also give you the satisfaction of having performed the Pooja yourself.

Taking action Against Content Scrapers

Content theft has been one of the major nuisances faced by most sites. This site is no exception, over the past few years a lot of content from this site has been unauthorized scrapped and stolen; however we have taken action against most major offenders. Of late we have taken action against some 36 content scrappers sites and have appointed an agent to protect our content.

How to sit in an office as per Feng Shui

How to sit in an office as per Feng Shui? A question asked most often; especially by those undergoing troubled times. Feng Shui says that even if the layout and décor of the office is beautiful and eye catching; if your sitting position is faulty; it has a harmful effect upon you. Here are some Feng Shui tips on the sitting positions in the office. These tips are similar to those given in the Indian science of Vastu Shastra.

Mantra for being Blessed with Laxmi

This is a Laxmi Sampada Mantra. The meaning of the word Sampada in “blessed” or “being blessed with something”. Thus you can see that this is a mantra to be blessed with or by Laxmi. Being blessed by Laxmi is normally a phrase reserved for the rich and wealth people of this world. So you can understand what it is all about.

Purifying the house of negative energies

Sea Salt; also known as Sendha Namak or Kala Namak in the Hindi Language; is normally associated with cooking or some skin or beautifying therapies. Today I will tell you about its use in cleansing and purifying the house of incoming or dormant negative energies. This is a most simple do it yourself paranormal remedy; still in practice in India; the practitioners who prescribe it vouch for its effectiveness.

Vishnu Mantra to Remove Misery

This is a Vishnu Mantra to remove misery. The meaning of the Vishnu Mantra is – “I pray to the Vishnu; the one who helps the miserable”. The meaning of Dinabandhu; the word immortalized by Mahatma Gandhi is – “the companion of the poor”. The word poor in the context of this mantra has to be taken for the misery and the miserable people of the society.

Expanding Mind Power in Future

By now, what had been ever more progressively evolving the most for us, (our expanding knowledge aspects of our existence, instead of merely rare old style biochemical occasional lucky genetic accidents over thousands of years), has increasingly been our wide spreading verbal advancement of inventive concepts, to nicely exploit expanding very useful created technology far beyond and outside of simple plain old raw nature.

How to Position Wind Chimes in Feng Shui

Wind Chimes are a popular Chinese Feng Shui Charm to increase confidence and open the up the mind of a restricted individual and hence widen his field of operations; social and business. They are also an indicator of the opening up of blocked fortune and removing hardships. In this post I will explain how to position the Wind Chimes and in which direction, as the positioning and direction is most important to take full advantage of this Charm. They are also prescribed in the Indian science of Vastu Shastra .

Mantra to Leave someone Spellbound

This is a Sammohan Mantra Sadhana; Sammohan here is the context of this Prayog means to leave someone spellbound and fascinated by you. This is a Vashikaran Sadhana which is practiced using the Gunja. The Gunja [Abrus precatorius] commonly referred to in the English Language as the Rosary Pea or Crab’s Eye; comes in two varieties the Red and White. The Red variety is widely used in Tantra and hence this is the type which has to be used in this Tantrik Sadhana.

Paranormal Properties of the Mule

The Mule; called as the khachchar in Hindi is a hardy and tough animal. Those of you, who have gone for the Char Dham Yatra, will have noticed how the Mule tirelessly negotiates the dangerous twists and turns of the mountains and takes you safely to the Shrines. An interesting paranormal belief in India is that the teeth, bones and other body parts of the Mule have strong magical and miraculous properties.

Devotional Mantras

This is a compilation of some of the most devotional and sacred Hindu Mantras. These mantras are Satvik in nature and will most certainly help and aid the true follower on the path of real Hinduism to progress in life and discover the true roots of the real Hindu religion; the only way of life as intended by God. Hinduism will never subside or extinguish itself; but burst forth with a new brilliance in the years to come.

How to Position the 3 legged Toad

The 3 legged Frog is one of Feng Shui’s most celebrated Chinese money charms. This 3 legged toad, which holds a coin in its mouth, is a symbol of money entering the home or workplace. This charm is symbol of attracting and protecting money and beneficial money tips and information coming your way.

Nostradamus Prediction of Civil War in India

Do the stars foretell a Civil War in India? The indications are there; India has divided itself in two camps the “Secular forces” and “Communal forces”; to the exclusion of everything else; including corruption, non-governance, economic depression, terrorism threats and a rising crime graph. The political attacks and sleaze to “fix” each other is everywhere, use of the intelligence agencies, courts, so called social activists and media for “fixing” is the norm of the day. This will get more vicious as the 2014 General Election draws closer; there is a lot at stake for those in the midst of it. If they don’t get elected, the other side will “fix” them.

How to Position the Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha has his own unique position in the Chinese and Oriental World of Charms and also in Feng Shui. He is said to be a most powerful Charm for honour, fame, name, money and fortune. Much has already been written about this Charm, so without going into unnecessary details I will tell you, how to position it in the house or workplace as the positioning and direction is most important.

Vishnu Mantra for Wealth and Money

Vishnu Bhakts are mostly a Satvik lot; they normally do not indulge in Aghori Sadhanas. Especially for these Bhakts this small Mantra, which is in fact a meditation for money and wealth, should be useful. The meaning of this mantra is – “I salute the Vishnu; Who gives money and wealth to his devotees”. It is also one of the many names of Vishnu.

Paranormal Powers of Owl Nails

In the Indian Tantra Shastra there is a belief that the nails of an Owl possess certain specific paranormal powers. Though I love the Owl for its uniqueness and do wish any harm to befall this harmless creature; nevertheless I will tell you about the experiments which are conducted by the practitioners of the Dark Tantra in India making the use of the Owl nails.

Hanuman Mantra for Nervous Disorders

This verse from the Hamuman Chalisa is a most powerful Mantra to treat severe Vata Vyadhi. Vata is one of the three basic constituents which are responsible for the proper functioning of the physical as well as the mental constituents in a human body. Vata means the air, either or Vayu which circulates in the body.

World will wake up to World War 3

Everyone awaits for the battle of Armageddon World War 3. Various timings, circumstances, chain of events, triggers have been predicted as to the actual timing of this event and what causes this much awaited event; one which heralds in a bend in the evolution of mankind. I have a feeling that it comes out of the blue with no signs of any kind of warnings of events leading to it; the World will one day wake up to World War 3.

The Mahabhairav Videshan Mantra

The Mahabhairav Videshan Mantra is a Tamas Guni Aghori Prayog to create enmity between two persons; mostly lovers. Only the husband or wife in the Tamsik Mode can practice this Sadhana to remove one of the triangles of a love triangle. Likewise this Prayog is also used to divide business or political rivals or two friends by creating enmity amongst them.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Tips

These are some Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Tips. Both these ancient sciences seem to be related to each other as certain common factors are involved. These tips are mostly negative ones on what not to do; so do not take them very seriously as there are many other factors which affect an individual or a place; Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are just a couple of these factors.

Super Brainy Robots in Future

For future humans, let's ask: what should have been becoming most important for producing ever more progressive excellent descendants? Those devising mentally advanced possible new computer super brainy robots had been thinking a lot about some related issues. For all animals, most critically important had been inheriting evolved genes, and in a few rare occasions, most luckily having some beneficial genetics accident which could become inherited into future generations of descendants. This was responsible for achieving natural evolution, which had let species at times very slowly successfully advance against competing slowly evolving species.

Vamana Avatar Mantra

This is a Mantra of the Vamana Avatar of Vishnu. The meaning of this Mantra is “I salute that Vishnu; the ONE who conquered Patal, Akash and Privthi in three steps” He is the 5th of the 10 Avatars of Vishnu; each had a purpose of his own; not only to Protect the Universe; but also to teach a lesson to the evil doers that nothing is beyond his powers.

The Day of Arrival of Kalki Avatar

The end of darkness in the Kali Yuga is the arrival of the last of the Avatras of Vishnu; the Kalki Avatar. The Day of the Arrival will be heralded by a Pralaya resembling the one we saw recently in Uttarakhand destruction; but not total. However the evil Tamas Guni people on the face of the world will have no place to hide from the wrath of Kalki Avatar.

Simple Remedy for Getting Job - 2

This is another simple remedy to get a job; that is if you are trying to find one and not getting it, even if you are suitably qualified. This paranormal remedy has to be done on a Monday. The second part of this remedy is similar to the one given here, with a slight difference. You can read that post here - Simple Job Remedy .

Chinese Protection Charm Kuan Kung

The idol of the Chinese God Kuan Kung as per Feng Shui is said to be a most powerful charm for protection, strength and money. Kuan Kung also known as Guan Yu, was a legendary warlord, known for his military skills and exploits; which immortalized him in Chinese folklore and culture and raised him to the level of a deity.

Never Gift Sharp Pointed Articles

Feng Shui says that sharp pointed articles generate the Sha Chi Energy. Sha Chi is the malefic negative energy which disrupts the natural flow of the Chi Energy which is the natural harmonious vibratory energy prevalent in the atmosphere. Hence as per Feng Shui, such sharp and pointed articles like scissors, blade or a knife should never be gifted to anyone.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Mantra Prayog

The Gauri Shankar Rudraksha Mantra Prayog is an important and most powerful Rudraksha Sadhana to open your fortune. This experiment has to be performed in utmost secrecy. The Gauri Shankar Rudraksha is rare and it is difficult to find a genuine one and it is considered to be as potent as the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha . At first glance, it appears like two Rudrakshas, which are joined togeather. This is also known as the Jodi of Shiva - Parvati .

Hanuman Mantra Prayog for Money and Job

This is a Hanuman Mantra Prayog for those who are not getting a job, business running into losses, no money or debt problems. Those in such difficulties can commence this Prayog on any Tuesday, after doing Smaran of Hanuman. The Sadhana given below has to be performed for 22 days in all. The Mantra I have given is a Doha from the Shri Ramcharitmanas is simple, Satvik and yet powerful.

Narendra Modi versus Secular Hindus

The secular Indian; read Hindu is one of the most pitiable and pathetic creatures on the surface of this world. The secularism versus communal debate has been the flavour of the past decade or so. It now picks up and will gain more and more momentum and peak as we reach the 2013 or 2014 General Elections. The obvious warring factions; Narendra Modi and a cross sections of secular Hindus; many of them do not know how to pronounce the word secular.

Significance of Om Namo Narayanaya Namah Mantra

The popular and famous Vishnu Mantra, Namo Narayanaya Namah || - ॐ नमो नारायणा नमः || has great significance and is considered to be a simple and straight forward; yet most important of the Hindu Satvik Mantras. The one, who has mastered this Mantra, is said to go straight to Vishnu Lok after death.

Vishnu Happiness Mantra

Most Hindus have their own preferred and individual deity and feel most comfortable and at ease while praying and meditating upon that deity. For the worshippers of Vishnu, this is a small and effective Mantra for happiness. The mantra gives divine bliss and happiness to the sincere devotee. It is also one of the names of Vishnu.

Human Like Robots in Future

Effective chests and bellies for new human-like super brainy advanced robots provided ample room for additional heat to electricity conversion. Such bellies were also conveniently given some electric energy storage, having electric conduction lines then branching out throughout their bodies. Or, maybe out in.

Is Narendra Modi a Man of Destiny?

Is Narendra Modi a Man of Destiny? Are much bigger things in store for him? Is he the agent of change for India? Will he succeed?

Sarvopari Yantra

This is known as the Sarvopari Yantra; Sarvopaari translated into plain English means Paramount or Excellent. Hence this is one of the many Yantras for success in every kind of work; be it for any purpose.

Stop Narendra Modi at any cost

The Stop Narendra Modi at any cost campaign is and will gather momentum in the coming days. The Sushma Swaraj Tweet over the Uttarakhand Disaster and the Congress reaction, over this Tweet, looks most certainly liked a Fixed Match. This was a favour from the Congress to one of its friendly “Leaders of the Opposition”. This is in contrast to fierce and abusive “Rambo” reaction towards Modi. Modi on his part had never claimed any credit nor blamed the government of mishandling the situation; his only fault was that he went to Uttarakhand.

Remedies for Victory in Debates and Sports

The Kak Tantra; an Indian Tantra which makes the use of the Crow in somewhat popular in the Aghori practices of Black magic in India. Such experiments are routinely practiced by the practitioners of Black Arts.

Shri Guru Charitra for the Childless

The 39th Chapter [Adhyay 39] of the Shri Guru Charitra is considered as one of the most powerful of the paranormal Hindu religious remedies for the childless. This coupled with the worship of Dattatreya, is said to give miraculous results.