Devotional Mantras

This is a compilation of some of the most devotional and sacred Hindu Mantras. These mantras are Satvik in nature and will most certainly help and aid the true follower on the path of real Hinduism to progress in life and discover the true roots of the real Hindu religion; the only way of life as intended by God. Hinduism will never subside or extinguish itself; but burst forth with a new brilliance in the years to come.

Single minded and unselfish prayer and meditation without attaching any ulterior motive and material want helps you more than you could ever imagine. As stated time and again on this site all and everything in this world is connected to each other and is part and parcel of the same inter connected web.

By helping others, one helps himself; by hurting others, one hurts himself this is the key word of true Indian spiritualism. This is also relevant in everyday life and is also the sacred mantra of Hinduism.

Over the past few years this site has been compiling some such material which would aid the readers towards spiritual progress. There is a lot of other spiritual material; including devotional mantras in the numerous other section of this site. This site will strive to provide more and more reading material in the days to come.

Again I would request readers not to misuse any of the material given on this site for profit or selfish motives as it has come to my notice and reported to me by various readers that a lot of people on the net are engaged in such nefarious activities. Such people are not hurting anyone else; but themselves; such is the Law of Nature. JAI HIND.

Ahuti Mantra
Tirth Mantra
Gomata Mantra
Evening Mantra
Mantra before going to bed
Mantra to recite while bathing
Mantra to recite while bathing - 2
Mantra to be recited while washing the limbs
Mantra before taking food
Mantra before taking food - 2
Mantra for eating large amount of food
Mantra to get Plenty of Food
Mantra for Morning Urine and Stools
Mantra while preparing medicines
Mantra for Departed Parents
Kuldevta Mantra
Kuldevta Bandhan Mukti Mantra
Kuladevta Darshan Mantra
Hindu Peace Mantras-2
Hindu Guru Mantra
Mantra for Guru Purnima
Mantra for New Year
Bring Peace in your life on Dussehra
Mantra for Bliss
Mantra for Spiritual Bliss
Super mantra for the immortal being
Mantra for liberation
Bhagavad-Gita on Om Tat Sat
Bhagavad-Gita mantra for important work
Powerful mantra for release from sins
Mantra to eradicate great sins
Mantra Meditation for Nectar of Life
Hindu Mantra for Truth Seekers
Mantra for Guru Dwadashi and Dhantrayodashi
Mantra for Diwali Padwa Balipratipada
Mantra for Yama Tarpan on Narak Chaturdashi
Dakshinavarti Shankh Daily Puja Mantras
Mantra to Get Over Guilt Feelings
Annapurna Shankh Mantra for Happiness
9 Daily Golden Hindu Mantras
Mantra to get Knowledge about Isht Mantra
Pitra Shanti Puranic Mantra
Rare Pranav Mantra Sadhana
Mantra While Offering Flowers to God
Effective Mantra having Multiple Uses
Mantra to Wash Away Sins and Negative Energies
Which Mantra to Chant on New Years Day


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