Tirth Mantra

This is a Mantra which is recited while taking Tirth.Tirth is either water kept before a deity or a liquid called Panchamrutham made by mixing five ingredients - milk, yogurt, honey, jaggery and ghee. This offering is a part and parcel of all Hindu religious ceremonies and even day to day worship.

The Tirth is offered to the deity before the commencement of a religious ceremony or a pooja. After the completion of all the rituals and Prarthanas the Tirth is offered to all those attending the ceremony of pooja.The Tirth is symbolized as the Prasad or a gift from the deity.

Tirth Mantra
Shankhmadhye Sthitam Toyam Brhamitam keshvopari l
Annalagnam manushyanam , paratkani vyapohati ll 1 ll
Akalmrityuharanam sarvavyadhivinashanam l
Suryapadodak tirth jathre dharyamyham ll 2 ll

तीर्थ मंत्र
शंखमध्ये स्तितं तोयं l भ्रमितं केशवोपरि l
अन्नलग्नं मनुष्याणां , प्रातकानि व्यपोहति ll १ ll
अकालमृत्युहरणं सर्वव्याधिविनाशनम् l
सूर्यपादोदक तीर्थ जठरे धारयाम्यहम् ll २ ll

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