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Surya Mantra

The Sun God or सूर्य देव in the Hindi Language is the only visible force of nature which we see, feel and depend upon for our existence. We cannot exist without the Sun.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Worship is a very important ritual in Yoga and in the Hindu religion. Apart from the Mantras normally recited while and after doing Surya Namaskar,this is an important Mantra dedicated to Surya. The Surya Mantras are useful in attracting life forming energy from the Sun. There are various versions of the same Mantra.

I have translated and given below the various versions of the same Mantra. There might still be other versions.

This is the full Mantra dedicated to the Sun.

Adityasya namaskaran ye kurvanti dine dine l
Janmantarsahastreshu daradriya nopjaayate ll
Akal mrithyuharan sarva vyadhivinasham l
Surya paadodak tirth jatre dharyamyham ll
Anen namaskarakhyen karmaga shrisavitrusuryanarayan priyataam ll

आदित्यस्य नमस्कारन् ये कुर्वन्ति दिने दिने l
जन्मान्तरसहस्रेषु दारिद्र्यं नोपजायते ।।
अकाल् म्रूत्यूहरणं सर्व व्याधिविनाशनम l
सूर्य पादोदकं तीर्थ जठरे धारयाम्यहम ll
अनेन नमस्काराख्येन कर्मगा श्रीसवितृसूर्यनारायण: प्रीयताम ll

In some versions of this mantra सूर्य Surya in the second verse is replaced by विष्णो Vishnu.

This is another version of this Mantra, which is recited while taking Tirth [Holy Water] after doing Surya Namaskar.This is the most commonly followed Mantra by practitioners of Surya Namaskar.

Adityasya namaskaran ye kurvanti dine dine l
Ayu prajnya balam viryam tejastesan cha jayate ll 1 ll

आदित्यस्य नमस्कारन् ये कुर्वन्ति दिने दिने l
आयुः प्रज्ञा बलम् वीर्यम् तेजस्तेशान् च जायते ll १ ll

This is another version of the same mantra, dedicated to Vishnu or Narayan.

Akal mrityuharan sarva vyadhivinasham l
Vishnu paadodak tirth jatre dharyamyham ll
Shirire jarjribhute vyadhigraste kalevare l
Aushdham jhanvhitoyam vaidho narayano hari ll

अकाल् म्रूत्यूहरणं सर्व व्याधिविनाशनम l
विष्णो पादोदकम तीर्थ जठरे धारयाम्यहम ll
शरीरे जर्जरीभूते व्याधीग्रस्ते कलेवरे l
औषधम जान्हवीतोयम वैद्यो नारायाणो हरी ll

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