Prayer for Non-Duality

This is prayer which I have composed for the seekers of the Ever-Existent,  especially for the sincere and dedicated practitioners of Non-Duality.

Nothing can ever exist in separation, not even God. One is never going to experience the Non-Dual state of existence, by reading, writing or debating about it. Please keep in mind that it is only the experience which matters, the experience is everything, and bookish knowledge about the spiritual is nothing.

Nothing can match the experience of knowing that you are one with all, and all is one with you.

The prayer which I have composed instills the feeling of the Non-Dual in your being. And one learns about The only real state of Existence. I recommend that it is recited with sincerity early in the morning, at the start of a new day.

The Non-Dual State State of Existence
The Non-Dual State

Oh Ever-Existent make me feel you even in the remotest corner of my being, even in my toe nails.
Bless me so I can see you with my inner eyes.
Bless me with the boon to hear your unimaginable melody.
Let me taste the immortal nectar which is ever present in your being.
Open my being to your infinite nature that lies within me.
Oh Ever-Existent grant me the boon, so that I see myself in all beings.
Grant me the boon so that I know that I don’t exist separately from anything, and nothing exists separately from me.
Give me the strength to bear and feel the joys and sorrows of all those who exist in you and whom you exist in.
Give me the strength to know that all joys and sorrows exist in me.
Give me the strength and will to live my life without any longing for anything, except for you.
Oh Ever-Existent grant me the boon to experience you.
Grant me the boon so that I know that you are me and I am you.
Oh Ever-Existent open my being to the knowledge that I can’t exist without you, nor can you exist with me.

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