What is Love Energy

The birth or creation of a new life is only possible through the highest state of energy or the God or Non-Dual state of existence. This is the real meaning of the union of Shiv and Shakti, which I have described as Hinduism's highest Sexual Union . The energy generated in the course of a Sexual-Union is that highest energy state. The ancient Hindus, who wrote, taught and preached about sex and sexual unions knew what they were doing, they fully understood how a new life was created.

Hence the teaching of Hinduism on Sexual Satisfaction, differ from those of most other religions. The true principles behind Tantrik worship have not been properly understood, even by the Tantriks themselves. Most of the teachings of Tantrik worship are devoted to sexual unions. These teachings remain shrouded in mystery, and most people tend to look at these principles as something abnormal.

In the Sexual-Union between man and woman, the five senses-sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing are overwhelmed by another sensation or energy, which takes over the functioning of the human body, this sensation, is none other than the Non-Dual state of existence. Both the lovers, who are engaged in the act of Sexual-Union, reach that state, when there is nothing else but sex on their minds. This state then reaches its climax, in what is known as an Orgasm.Therefter the five senses take over and one comes back into the normal state. Thus the birth or Creation of a new form of life requires the highest state of existence, the God state or the Non-Dual state.

The worship of the Lingam or the phallus is widespread amongst Hindus. This is an ancient practice and the Shiv-ling is one of the most sacred and worshipped symbols. The principle behind this is not the object in itself, but the highest state of energy, which it symbolizes.

The Tantras, which preach the worship of the Sexual-Union, in the real sense, do not preach the worship of the sexual act, but the pure energy, which is of the highest kind, generated through the act. The only times when normal persons experience or come close to the bliss and power felt in the Non-Dual state is during the act of Sexual-Union.

One takes for granted the event of the birth of a new life, not knowing that it is possible only through the highest level of energy. This energy is generated through the act of Sexual-Union. The newborn child retains some of those qualities, before the senses start taking effect. Hence, it is rightly said that you can see the image of God in a child.

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