Hinduism's highest Physical Union

The ancient Hindu Sacred texts are full of Tantra and Tantric Physical Unions. The word Tantra means “the element and the sound” Tantra is the hybrid of Tattva, which means element, and Mantra, which means the source of thought. Thus, Tantra is an act, which merges action with sound. What Tantra really aims to achieve is the fusion of the two energies of action and sound.

Thus, Tantric Physical Union is the fusion of the Sexual Union and the sounds, which occur while having a Sexual Union. The energy used in a Sexual Union is of the highest quality. This energy is spontaneous and comes naturally to everyone without trying. The sounds which come out when one is taking part in a Physical Union, are also spontaneous sounds, these sounds come naturally to one and all, and do not form part of any man made language.

Real Tantric Sexual Union aims at merging these two spontaneous and natural energies, and creating energy, which is a fusion of the two. This energy created through fusion is of the highest possible type. However, the term Tantrik Physical Union has been understood by very few people. Most Gurus teaching Tantra also do not really understand what they are teaching. Hence, Tantra and Tantric Sexual Union are misunderstood terms.

It is seen that practitioners of Tantra who teach and practice Tantra and Tantric Physical Union tend to use symbols and methods. How can a spontaneous act like Sexual Union be raised to the highest level by methods and symbols. The real purpose is lost completely. This union has to be spontaneous and free from any pre- conceived methods and plans.

One has to always keep in mind that all living beings including humans are a result of the act of Union between two energies, the male and female. Hence, in Hinduism the Union between Shiva and Shakti is considered to be the highest possible union. The views of Hinduism on Sexual Satisfaction are very different to those in other religions.Sex or Kama is an integral and inseparable part of the divine or God. Hinduism does not frown upon sex.

Anyone can practice Tantric Physical Union; this does not require any specific training. Real Tantrik Physical Union can be practiced by two partners male and female who feel uncontrollable and unconditional pure love for each other. Both the partners should be willing from the bottom of their hearts to bring alive their innermost desires and fantasies into play. The love and attraction between the two partners, by partners I mean male and female should be such, that they should actively participate and encourage the desires and fantasies of the other partner. In such a natural act both the partners become one, and the energy they generate is of the highest possible level.

The release of this energy is essential, in the evolution process, and helps one grow and expand. This energy cleans all the accumulated blockages in your body, and paves the way for the free flow of energy. The accumulated mental blocks, and the memories and unwanted thoughts are cleaned. Thus when the mind and body are cleaned, through the infusion of this powerful energy, the evolution process speeds up.

The ancients, who discovered this form of accelerating the evolution process, knew what they were preaching. However, some religions and sects have given Sexual Union a bad reputation, by their shortsighted teachings. The real meaning of Physical intercourse is known to very few persons. This forced repression has caused mutation in the thought processes of their followers, whose natural evolution has come to a standstill.

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  1. In this time and age of sexual promiscuity, I feel that such highly techno-spiritual subjects should be refrained from being written on public forums which are open to all age groups and can be misused. It is the common tendency for people to only absorb what they want to and leave out the essence of the entire topic. Hence caution needs to be exercised while publishing such posts.


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