Ganesh Vandana

The Ganesh Vandana is an invocation to Shri Ganesha; the Hindu God of all beginning's. Ganesha is also the God of knowledge, higher arts and pure intelligence amongst numerous other qualities attributed to him. It is said no prayer bears fruit unless one invokes the name of Ganesha first.

Hindus recite the Ganesh Vandana at the beginning of a religious ritual or to mark the beginning of a new venture or a landmark event. It is considered to auspicious to recite the Ganesh Vandana to mark a new beginning in life.

Ganesh Vandana
English Translation

Gajaananam bhuta ganadi sevitam l
Kapittha jambuu phalacharu bhaksanam l
Uma sutam shoka vinaasha kaarkam l
Namami vighneshvar pad pankajam ll

I bow before the Lotus feet of Shri Ganesha, the son of Uma, the remover of obstacles, who has the face of an elephant, is loved by all beings, who eats fruits like Kapittha and Black Berry with enjoyment and who destroys the sorrows of his devotees

गणेश वंदना 
गजाननम भूता गणाधि सेवितं l
कप्पित्त जम्भो फलसार भक्शितम l
उमा सुतम शोक विनाष करणं l
नमामि विघ्नेश्वर पाद पंकजम ll

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