What are the benefits of Mantras

The Hindu religion believes and encourages the practice of various forms of worship such as aartis, mantras, chalisas and so on. There is also the practice of Shanti, which is wide spread. Shanti is performed to ward off the malefic effects of planets and also adverse conditions.

There are of course those who scoff at these practices. They do not believe in these forms of prayers and rituals, which have been inherited from the ancient scriptures. Before going further into the merits of these ancient customs, let’s first have a look at Newton’s third law of motion. The third law of motion says the “every action has an equal reaction”

This I think is sufficient to prove that there is an equal reaction to these practices. It proves that no action will go waste, and also that nothing can happen without a cause.

Why does one pray, and perform various rituals? The answer is really simple, an overwhelming majority of people pray when they are in trouble and facing difficulties. It is when you are facing problems, that you remember God. It is more often than not when your mind does not see any end to the problem and difficulties, that it starts trying to find alternative ways to resolve them.

The human body as one knows is made up of the five elements, earth, fire, water, air and space, which binds the other four elements from inside and outside. One normally does not give much thought to space, and takes it for granted. Space is infinite, it is near as well as far, it is everywhere, everything in contained inside it, and it is present in everything.

The mind is what runs the body, and it’s enclosed inside the five elements, it is the cumulative thought process of the five elements. The mind also exists inside space, and the other four elements, have space everywhere, inside even the smallest elements, which comprise the human body. Hence, it will not be wrong to say that the human body is also space. This space, which makes is very stuble hence it cannot be seen by our eyes.

Due to the countless actions and reactions, faced by every person in his life, the body gets polluted, by the body getting polluted; I mean the invisible space, which makes up the material body gets polluted. Hence, the problems and diseases one has to face also exist in the space covering the mind. These diseases are experienced by the mind through the material body, which the mind can see.

When most persons encounter these problems and diseases, their mind tries to resolve them. The mind then looks towards prayer, mantras and other forms of worship. When one recites these prayers and mantras, one is creating vibrations. These vibrations enter the space and create energy; this energy can either be positive energy or negative energy. This energy then has an effect on the space, which makes up the human body.

The Hindu mantras, aartis, chalisas, stotras and other forms of prayer, are nothing but the unique vibrations, which create energy aimed at resolving the problems faced by the mind. One has to always keep in mind that these unique vibrations were discovered by the ancient sages and yogis, who had tested them and found them to be effective. One has also to keep in mind that countless people have recited and are still reciting these mantras because they have reaped benefits from them. The positive or negative energy created by the recitation of these mantras countless times by countless people exists in space.

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