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Showing posts from April, 2022

Mantras for Quickly Appeasing Ganapati and Getting Fast Success

In this post, I have written about Fast Working Ganesh Mantras , which are dedicated to the 10th and 20th Forms of Ganesha that are called the Kshipra and Kshipra Prasad Ganapati.

Surya Mantras for Getting Anything and Becoming Rich

In this post, I have written about two small but most powerful Surya Dev Mantras for getting any desired thing or object and gaining immense wealth and every kind of prosperity.

Hanuman Mantra to Fulfil Wishes and Destroy Problems

Today, I have described the procedure of chanting a small but most powerful and fast working Hanuman Mantra for fulfilling wishes and desires and at the same time removing any kind of negative and harmful energies, like Blackmagic Spells, Evil Eve, and Curses, dangerous invisible entities, enemies and hidden or secret enemies and even diseases and disorders.

Vishnu Mantras for Property, Enemies, Eyes and Immortality

In this post, I have written about four very important Vishnu Mantra to become the owner of any kind of property. to remove confusion and doubt, to increase the strength of the eyes, and make enemies and rivals run away without fighting or arguing with them.

Four Very Useful Small Mantras of Ganesha

In this post, I have written about Four Very Beneficial and Effective Small Mantras of Lord Shri Ganesha that can be most useful for everyone who wishes to fulfill any wish or desire, become a wealthy and powerful person, get freedom from disease and ailments, and prevent harm from enemies and rivals.

Chamunda Mantra to Remove Most Difficult Problems

In this post, I have explained a simple but highly effective and beneficial Chamunda Mata Mantra Sadhana to overcome even the most difficult problems and dangers of worldly life by appeasing Chamunda Mata. This Mantra Sadhana should work like a Rambaan Upay for the true and sincere devotees of the Mother Goddess.