Four Very Useful Small Mantras of Ganesha

In this post, I have written about Four Very Beneficial and Effective Small Mantras of Lord Shri Ganesha that can be most useful for everyone who wishes to fulfill any wish or desire, become a wealthy and powerful person, get freedom from disease and ailments, and prevent harm from enemies and rivals.

1] Ganesh Mantra for Becoming a Wealthy and Great Person:
This Shri Ganesh Mantra increases the chances of becoming a great, well-known, wealthy and influential person. The Mantra is also a very powerful Sarva Karya Siddhi or All Tasks Fulfilling Ganesh Mantra that will give the desired success in everything.

ॐ विनायकाय नमः ||
Om Vinayakaya Namah ||

How to chant this Shri Ganesh Mantra: The practitioner should visualize the Universal Form of Lord Ganesha and chant the Mantra 21, 51, or 108 times or for about 5 minutes in the morning.

2] Shri Ganesh Mantra for Relief from any disease: This Ganesh Mantra gives relief from all kinds of diseases, ailments, and disorders, including serious and chronic ones.

Small and Powerful Ganesh Mantra

ॐ गं रोग मुक्तये फट् ||
Om Gam Rog Muktaye Phat ||

Method of chanting the Shri Ganesh Mantra: The practitioner should take a Pledge that he will chant the Ganesh Mantra for 5 Minutes daily or as much as he likes until he gets the desired result.

A sick and ailing person can chant the Mantra in his bed without taking a bath. If this person is unable to sit comfortably, he can chant the Mantra, lying down in his bed.

3] All Wishes and Desires Fulfilling Shri Ganesh Mantra: This is the most powerful Mantra of Lord Ganesha, which has the capacity of fulfilling all the wishes and desires of the practitioner. The Mantra also gives success in all tasks and jobs.

The best thing about this Ganesh Mantra is that it is very suitable for those people who have multiple wants or are confused about what to pray for and keep thinking about their wishes and wants.

ॐ अन्तरिक्षाय स्वाहा ||
Om Antarikshaya Swaha ||

Best way to chant this Lord Ganesh Mantra: The practitioner should take a Sankalp that he will keep chanting this Mantra for about 5 minutes in the morning or before going to bed at night until his wishes and wants are fulfilled.

This Mantra invokes, Lord Ganesha as the God of the Skies or the Universe, and hence the practitioner should visualize the Virat or All-Encompassing Form of Lord Ganesh before starting the Mantra Chanting.

4] Ganesh Mantra to prevent harm from enemies:
This Ganesh Mantra will prevent any physical or paranormal harm from enemies or rivals, including Blackmagic and Tantric Rituals.

ॐ पराभिचारशमनाय नमः ||
Om Parabhicharashamanaya Namah ||

How to chant this Mantra of Lord Ganesha: The practitioner should chant this Mantra whenever he feels threatened by any kind of danger posed by enemies or rivals. If he is living under constant threat, then he should chant the Mantra for about 5 minutes in the morning or at bedtime.

Notes: You can see the Hindi language version videos of these Ganesha Mantras on our YouTube Channel Prophet666:

1] Mahan Aur Daulatmand Banne Ka Shri Ganesh Mantra

2] Sarva Rog Nashak Ganesh Mantra

3] Man Me Basi Sarva Manokamana Purti ka Ganesh Mantra

4] Shatru Ke Khatre Band Karne Ka Ganesh Mantra

All Kinds of Ganesh Mantras, Prarthanas, Stotras, Aartis, and Yantra can be seen in the section on Prophet666: Ganesh Mantras and Tantra 


  1. Sir,

    Does no.2 mantra cure severe mental illness?

    1. Yes, it will cure any illness or disease.

  2. @prophet666 @neel can you post on how to energize a gemstone ? For example the expensive gemstones these astrology sites sell , a human does it . Through a shakti . Can you post something on how to do this ? Magic rings etc

  3. Neel ji can I read for my son since he is very depress and does not want to do it # 2 mantra .Please reply thank you in advance.

    1. Ok, take a Sankalp and imagine that you are directing your energy towards your son, while chanting the Mantra.


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