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Mantra to Stop Nose Bleeding

In this post, I have written about a simple to practice Shabar Healing Mantra to get relief from Naksir or a Bleeding Noose. Naksir usually occurs when a blood vessel bursts in the nose. Such incidents, though normally not serious, occur in the hot summer seasons or due to an injury to the nose, high blood pressure or going to a high altitude place.

Mantra for Shani Dosh Shanti

The Mantra given below in this post is a simple Mantra for Shani Dosh Shanti. Even though, I have termed this Mantra as a simple Mantra, it is still an unknown Mantra, which even most astrologers or practitioners of Vedic Jyotish Shastra have not heard about.

Durga Mantra for Gaining Power

This is a Mantra Prayog for  gaining power using a Mantra from the most sacred Durga Saptashati . which was told to me by a Yogi, This Sanskrit Mantra also includes some Yogic Moves, which have to be practiced to make the Mantra more potent and powerful. - Post By a Sadhak. 

Magical Tantra to Open Lock without Key

In this post, I have written about an interesting Indian Magical Tantra, which is said to open a lock without the use of a key orJadu Se Bina Chabi Ke Tala Kholna as this Tantra is called in the Hindi language. This magical experiment has originated the mystical work, the Kak Tantra.

Mantra Tantra to Make Enemy Insane

This is another rare and unheard of Shabar Shabar Shatru Nashak Tantra, which is said to make any enemy insane, schizophrenic, delusional and mentally unstable. This as per the Tantra is only done as a preventive measure to stop a evil, cruel and inhuman enemy from harming the practitioner or his loved ones.

Ghantakarni Yakshini Mantra for Unbelievable Power

In this post, I have written about a Mantra, which is said to call forth a Yakshini, known as the Ghantakarni Yakshini. Even though, this Yakshini is named in the list of known Yakshinis , there is very little reliable information available about the Ghantakarni Yakshini and the specific method of invoking her.

Jain Mantra for Vashikaran and Regaining Lost Position

This Mantra, which, I have written about in this post is a very effective and beneficial Jain Mantra, which names the most worshiped Jain Tirthankar Parshvanath. This small and easy to pronounce and chant Mantra also contains the Hreem- ह्रीं Sound, which is a most powerful Shakti Beej Mantra along with Om-ॐ.

Mantra to Increase Knowledge on Lunar Eclipse

This is a Mantra, which is said to enhance the brain function of the practitioner and increase his capacity to absorb and gather knowledge and improve his overall intellect, sharpness and acumen,  if it is specifically chanted during the period of a Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse.

Pandrah Ka Yantra for Vashikaran

A simple and easy to put into practice Yantra Experiment, which makes the use of the famed Pandrah Ka Yantra to attract and mesmerize a specified person for the end motive of love, marriage, business or friendship by bringing that person under a Voodoo Vashikaran Spell has been described by me in this post.

Mantra to get Meals in Another City

This is a Mantra, which is said to meet the most essential needs of meals and food, while traveling to another town, city or village. The simple Mantra is most suitable and useful for persons like traders, traveling salespersons and others in professions that require frequent travel.

Vashikaran Mantra using Shivling

The Vashikaran Mantra given in this post, is a Mantra, which makes the use of a Shivling, which the most sacred symbol of Lord Shiva and Bilva Patra, which is an offering that is considered to be most auspicious for worshiping Shiva. This Vashikaran Mantra is said to be most effective in putting a most powerful Voodoo Love Spell on any man or woman.

Mantra Prayog For Amazing Personality

This is a Mantra Progog for getting an amazing pleasant personality. The Mantra Prayog has been prescribed to me by a Siddhi Purush and Yogi who frequents the locality in which, I reside. I feel that it will be useful to the readers of this site who wish to enhance their lives by getting an amazing pesonality. - Post By a Sadhak. 

Manokamna Purti Mantra for Amavasya

This is Manokamna Purti Mantra Experiment or a Mantra Experiment to achieve success in any long yearned or coveted for wish, hope, dream or desire. This Manokamana Purti, Icchapurti or Karya Sadhan Mantra Prayog as per the Tantrik text, has to be specifically performed on the day or period of an Amavasya [ No or New Moon].

Tantrik Upay for Business Growth

In this post, I have described a unique stand-aloneTantrik Upay for Business Growth, which has originated from the Kak Tantra. This Indian paranormal remedy, which make the use of a crow is practiced by Tantriks or the practitioners of black magic to make the business of their clients grow and prosper.

Vashikaran By Banana Yantra

The Vashikaran experiment to bewitch any person or persons and dazzle and tantalize them into a powerful Vashikaran Spell, which has been described by me in this post is called as the Kele Dwara Vashikaran Prayog in the Hindi language. The simple method of performing this Vashikaran by Banana Yantra Experiment is given below.

Magical Tantric Success Getting Powder

In this post, I have written about a very rare and secretive Mantra Experiment performed by Tantriks, Aghori Sadhus and Spell-Casters of Indian Black-magic to prepare a Magical Success Getting Powder from the body-parts of the Baaz Pakshi or the Hawk. This fearsome Mantra Experiment has originated from the Baaz Tantra or the text on the use of the Hawk and its body-parts in various black-arts paranormal experiments .

Indian Talisman to Discover Lost Treasures

In the post below, I have described an Indian paranormal remedy to discover the spot where a treasure  trove has been buried or hidden or find the location of a lost treasure. This Tantra is for treasure hunters or those trying to find lost relics, which have been concealed, buried or lost in the earth.

Mantra to Make Entities in Graveyard Appear

This is a Mantra Experiment, which is practiced in great secrecy by Aghor Panth Tantriks, Black-Magic Spell-Casters and Sadhus in India to make the mystical and paranormal entities, like spirits, monsters, zombies, demons, ghost and vampires, which haunt a Graveyard appear before the practitioner.

3 Lal Kitab Totke for Money Problems

Today, I have written about 3 most simple to perform Totke or paranormal remedies originating from the popular and famous mystical text, the Lal Kitab. These Totke, which are most suitable for lay-persons are as per the Lal Kitab , said to be effective in giving relief from poverty and penury, financial hardships and deprivation, burden of debts and all sorts of money and finance related problems.

Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat for Wishes and Business

The worship of Gajant-Vaibhav Lakshmi, Gagalaxmi or simply Vaibhav Lakshmi can prove to be most beneficial for everyone, including shopkeepers, traders, industrialists and other business-persons, in removing business-hurdles,  debts and attract growth, money and abundance into their business.

Rare Mantra to Invoke Sindoo Veer

The Mantra given in this post, is a rare and unknown Shabar Navnath Panth Mantra, which is said to invoke the Sindoo Veer. A Veer is a most powerful and god-like supernatural being with enormous magical and superhuman powers.  The Sindoo Veer is still an unknown Veer and his description does not figure in the list of the Bavan Veer or the 52 different kinds of Veer, each possessing diverse powers.

Shiva Mantra for Kaal Sarp Dosha

In this post, I have described one more Mantra Remedy for Kaalsarp Dosha, which is considered to be an inauspicious astrological yoga, wherein all the other seven planets are enclosed by Rahu and Ketu. This particular remedy, makes the use of a stanza from the Bilvashtakam and the Parad Shivling to permanently get freedom from this unfavorable planetary position in the horoscope with the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Vashikaran and Shielding Yantra

The Yantra, which is described in today's post is a two-fold talisman that can be used for the purposes of either getting love and affection or for the purpose of shielding your body from being killed or injured by an arrow. This Yantra is called as the Baan Se Suraksha Pane Ka Vashikaran Karne Ka Yantra.

Siddh Navnath Total Protection Mantra

This is a Siddh Mantra of the Navnath Panth for securing the self against all kinds of hazards and perils from known, hidden, mysterious dark, demonic and ghostly sources.  The Mantra is most  effective in eliminating evil black magic spells cast by an evil spell-caster or an Aghori Tantrik, including destructive Mantras-Yantras or Tantras.

Tantric Remedies to Progress in Job

The Tantric Remedies for Progressing in the Job or getting a new job that have been described below in this post are from the same Pakshi Tantra, which writes about harnessing the combined paranormal powers of mixing the body parts of the Owl and the Crow to create magical powders and charms for carrier growth and success.

Benefits of Worship of Different Kinds of Shivling

The Shivling is unarguably one the most sacred and revered Hindu religious symbols. The Shivling, which is representative symbol of the immense and immeasurable energy of Shiva and the Shiva Tattva, is present in most Hindu households.  In this post, I have described the main benefits of worshiping different kinds of Shivling , which are made using different metals, alloys and even food-stuff.

Yantra for having Intercourse with Lover

This Yantra, which has been written about by me, in this post is called in the Hindi language as a Patni, Pati Ka Priyatam Se Samagam Karne Ka Yantra. This can be translated in English as a Yantra to increase the chances of having intercourse with your husband, wife or lover.

Mantra to Successfully Overcome Challenges

This is a Shabar Mantra, which is said to increase the chances of the practitioner in successfully negotiating or overcoming any kind of challenge. The challenge can be in any   legal dispute ,  contest, sport, dare, competition or debate and discussion in which he is competing with another person or persons to emerge victorious or come on top.

Ganapati Mantra Remedy for Naughty Child

In this post, I have written about a really simple Ganapati Mantra Prayoga, which can be easily performed by the parents of a naughty, badly-behaved, unruly, attention-seeking, ill-mannered,  dis-obedient or rude child to remove these un-wanted characteristics from their child.

Mantra to Uproot and Throw Out Enemies

This enemy problems resolution Mantra, which is from the Baaz Pakshi Tantra is basically an Uchchatan Mantra or a Mantra to permanently uproot and throw out an enemy from your life. This Voodoo Spell is said to be an effective method of remotely harming your enemy and prevent him from harming you.