Magical Tantra to Open Lock without Key

In this post, I have written about an interesting Indian Magical Tantra, which is said to open a lock without the use of a key orJadu Se Bina Chabi Ke Tala Kholna as this Tantra is called in the Hindi language. This magical experiment has originated the mystical work, the Kak Tantra.

The practitioner who is desirous of being able to master this magic has to follow the steps given below as per the writing of the Kak Tantra.
1] On the afternoon of any Sunday, the practitioner has to go completely naked and bring home the nest of a Crow.

2] Then, at night he has to light Guggul Dhoop in-front of the Crow’s nest. People living in western countries can use Bdellium Incense.

3] Then, he should go to a Smashan Bhoomi[Hindu Cremation Grounds] and put the Crow’s nest in a burning funeral pyre[Jalti Hui Chita]. After, the Crow’s nest turns to ash, he has to collect the ash and bring it back to his home.

4] Lastly, to perform the occult experiment of opening a lock without a key, he has to sprinkle a pinch of the ash on the lock. This as per the writings of the Tantra make the lock open without using a key.

Note- This supernatural voodoo experiment has been mentioned in the Kak Tantra, which has not recommended any Mantra or Yantra for this experiment. I have personally not tried this occult ritual nor have I seen any other person perform it, hence. I am unable to vouch for the success of the experiment.

However, in my opinion, such uncanny and miraculous feats are only performed by the Yogis and Sadhaks of the highest order.


  1. Guru can u post mantra to invoke the ghul djinn

  2. can you give me Some surya dev significance.

  3. Some of us in the western countries always have problems with the objects to obtain. Please always explain some in english so that we do some thank you


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