Vashikaran Mantra using Shivling

The Vashikaran Mantra given in this post, is a Mantra, which makes the use of a Shivling, which the most sacred symbol of Lord Shiva and Bilva Patra, which is an offering that is considered to be most auspicious for worshiping Shiva. This Vashikaran Mantra is said to be most effective in putting a most powerful Voodoo Love Spell on any man or woman.

Readers should note that as the Vashikaran Mantra makes the use of the sacred Shivling, it should be used for honorable, righteous and ethical purposes only. Using the Vashikaran Mantra for dishonorable or frivolous purposes will make it rebound back on the user and he or she have to pay dearly for it's misuse as it is a Satvik Vashikaran Mantra.

The procedure to gain Siddhi or Complete Control over the Vashikaran Mantra is given below-
1] Wash 108 Bael leaves or Teen Dal Ke Bilva Patra in Hindi with Ganga Jal [water of India’s holy river Ganges] and keep them aside in a plate.
2] Prepare a Shivling with Mud.
3] Then, offer a Bilva Patra and chant the Vashikaran Mantra given below. Repeat the same procedure with all the remaining Bilva Patra.
4] Then, immerse the Shivling and Bilva Patra in the flowing water of a river, canal or the sea.

The procedure to use the Vashikaran Mantra to charm and captivate the unflinching attention of any man or woman follow the procedure mentioned below-
1] Prepare a paste of Black Thorn Apple or Kala Dhatura and Gorochana and write the Vashikaran Mantra on a Bhojpatra with a pointed stick of a Safed Kaner Plant or White Nerium Plant in English. The word “अमुकस्य " should be replaced with the name of the man or woman who is to be brought under a Voodoo Fascination Spell.
2] Keep this Bhojpatra with the Vashikaran Mantra written on it on the body while going to meet the desired person.

 शिवलिंग द्वारा वशीकरण मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Shivling Dwara Vashikaran Mantra in Hindi and English

ॐ नमः कामाक्षाय महाशक्ति रूपाय 'अमुकस्य ' आकर्षणं कुरु कुरु ह्रीं क्रीं श्रीं फट स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Kaamaakshaaya Mahaashakti Roopaaya ' Amukasya ' Aakarshanam Kuru Kuru Hreem Kreem Shreem Fatt Swaha ||


  1. Good one ,appears to be easy but the major issue is black dhatura and gorochan . Difficult to obtain. Original gorochan is very Costly and not easily available.five to seven thousand rs for 10 GM. And now a days where bucharkhana has been closed it's almost impossible to procure.

  2. Guru ji pranam.
    May i know about one thing.
    There is any mantra hath me se vibhhothi nikalneka


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