Benefits of Worship of Different Kinds of Shivling

The Shivling is unarguably one the most sacred and revered Hindu religious symbols. The Shivling, which is representative symbol of the immense and immeasurable energy of Shiva and the Shiva Tattva, is present in most Hindu households.  In this post, I have described the main benefits of worshiping different kinds of Shivling, which are made using different metals, alloys and even food-stuff.
The most holy, sacred and worshiped Hindu religious symbol of Lord Shiva

Hastidanta or Ivory Shivling – Rising in life to become a Senapati or Military Commander
Tamba or Copper Shivling – Health and Long-life
Pital or Brass Shivling – Fulfilling of ones desires, favors and satisfaction
Suvarna or Gold Shivling – Attaining Satyaloka[the plane of truthfulness] and Laxmi[wealth, money and abundance]
Spathik or Crystal Shivling- Manorath Siddhi or the Fulfillment of Desires and Accomplishment of Goals.
Loha or Iron Shivling- Destruction of enemies, Suppression of Rivals and Competitors
Chandi or Silver Shivling – Gain of status or high office, land and property and Progress of Ancestors
Gandha Shivling – Soubhagya Prapti or Good Fortune
Anaj Ke Atta Ka or Grains Flour Shivling – Satisfaction, Happiness and Destruction of Diseases and Aliments.
Kasha or Bronze Shivling – Name, Fame and Popularity
Shisha or Lead Shivling- Long-life
Parad or Mercury Shivling – All round Prosperity, Wealth and Good Fortune
Urad Atta or Black Gram Flour – Gain of Women
Makhan or Butter Shivling – Happiness and Peace of Mind
Cow Butter Shivling – Eradication of Diseases and Ailments
Gud or Jaggery Shivling – Gain of Food and Food Grains

The information on the benefits of worshiping different types of Shivling is found in many Hindu religious texts. It is also likely that some of this information is based upon the personal experiences of some Shiv Bhakts and the benefits they personally derived from the worship of a particular type of Shivling.


  1. Dear Guruji, about Parad Shivling, how to know whether the Parad is real or fake ?
    Can you tell us more about Parad in coming post ?
    Thank you Sir

    1. Keep paradise shivling in water for min ..if it's became golden colour ..then it's pure parad shivling

  2. I want to know the usual shivlings which we get at pooja shops like black and white colour one for stones. They are good for which purpose?

    1. White stone shivling for pice full mind purpose and black stone shivling for all purposes

  3. And what are the benefits of SANGAMARMAR SHIVALING sir?

  4. Kindly provide some Surya Dev Mantra.

    1. Om namah sivaya..
      Please use the "Search This Site" search box on the upper-right side of this page to search anything!

  5. What about the jyothi lingum. White one

  6. What about narmadeswar shivling made of stone

  7. sir we would appreciate if u could tell us about japa procedure and also how to japa loudly or silently in mind?some say if u chant a mantra loudly it has less effect but if u do lipsing or chant in mind it has more effect than chanting loudly? what is the truth plzz guide us

  8. Narmadeswar shivling is soo much good then other shivling it's said all shiv puran ..even in shatras says ..and all of sages also mentioned


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