Tantric Remedies to Progress in Job

The Tantric Remedies for Progressing in the Job or getting a new job that have been described below in this post are from the same Pakshi Tantra, which writes about harnessing the combined paranormal powers of mixing the body parts of the Owl and the Crow to create magical powders and charms for carrier growth and success.

These dark and mystical powders and talismans are said to cast Occult Spells on the concerned persons in the office, including the Boss and other influential persons and pave the way for the smooth progress of the practitioner in getting a new job, promotion, salary raise, preferred job appointment or transfer.

1] A few feathers of the tails of an Owl and a Crow has to be burnt together, to an ash [Bhasma] in a fire, which is prepared using the wood of a mango tree[Aam Ki Samidha]. This Bhasma should be stored and applied on the forehead like a Tilak whenever going for a job interview.

The Pakshi Tantra says that this make the interviewer, interviewers or selection committee members come under a most powerful Occult Vashikaran Spell, which will greatly increase the chances of the practitioner in getting that particular job.

2] The Eye of an Owl and the droppings of a Crow have to be rubbed together in Ganga Jal[water of the Holy River Ganges] to make a fine paste. This paste should be stored, preferably in a glass bottle.

This stored paste should be applied on the forehead like a Tilak, while going every day to the office for 21 days in a row, for it to work effectively.

The Tantra says that this will make the Boss and other Superior Officers come under a strong Voodoo Spell of Attraction and become cordial, friendly and co-operative towards the practitioner. This will immensely increase the chances of the practitioner in getting a promotion, salary raise, desired job-transfer and progress in his job.

3] The Claws of both an Owl and a Crow should be inserted inside a metal locket and that locket should be tied on the right upper arm using a red colored thread.

This, the Tantra say will enhance the chances of the practitioner in getting a promotion in his present employment.

4] A few strands of the hair from the head of an Owl and a Crow have to be burnt to ash[Bhasma].

The Tantra say that if the practitioner applies this ash as a Tilak upon his forehead, while going for a debate, discussion or conference in his office, he will be able to cast a Vashikaran Spell on all those present and be successful in putting across his point of view.

5] The bones of the heads of an owl and a Crow have to be burnt together in the fire of a burning funeral pyre[Jalti Hui Chita Ki Agni] to ash.

If this ash is applied as a Tilak upon the forehead while going for any election/selection meeting in the office, the practitioner will be able to bring the selectors/electors under a powerful Voodoo Spell of Attraction and will be successful in being elected or selected.

Notes- As stated time and again, this site does not endorse harming innocent animals for paranormal uses. This post has been written solely to give readers rare and interesting information on Indian Tantric Practises and Paranormal Rituals.

Many Tantriks in India practice similar Tone/Upay/Totke to meet the demands of their clients, including carrier growth.


  1. R/Guruji
    Is that any ways that,we can achieve this without harming any creature OR knowing producers to get hidden treasure by simple way guruji

  2. Dear Sir
    I am a twenty seven and I've been a bank clerk for over a Year.Recently I am facing lot of troubles at work place and family.I feel depressed and totally helpless.I have ambitions but nobody is supporting me.When I saw astrologists he said that my family members have done SHUDRABHICHARAM.They have always crushed my hopes and dreams.Please help me.I m at the point of suicide.

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