Simple Remedy for Getting Job - 2

This is another simple remedy to get a job; that is if you are trying to find one and not getting it, even if you are suitably qualified. This paranormal remedy has to be done on a Monday. The second part of this remedy is similar to the one given here, with a slight difference. You can read that post here - Simple Job Remedy.

Take a pinch of salt and rotate it over your head in a clockwise manner 24 times and throw it out of your house. After doing this take a little bit of salt and wrap it in a piece of paper and keep that paper in your pocket. This experiment is to be done once

At dusk take a clean spotless lime and rotate it over your head 13 times and then cut it into 4 equal parts and take it to a street corner[where 4 roads meat] and throw it there. This experiment has to be done for 7 days in a ro

Both the remedies can be done together; they ensure the removal of malefic and negative energies; blocking your progress.

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  1. Few questions:

    1. Shall we throw the lime in such a square in which we won't go everafter?

    2. When we perform the salt experiment, should that paper containing salt be always with us?

    3. If there is a physica intervention due to which some people are blocking my way to get a job, will it be removed?

    4. Will the effects be immediate or it will take time?

  2. Hi Neel ji.

    A small clarification... we have to throw salt directly or can we dissolve in water a throw out side..
    How long we need to keep that salt in our pocket.
    Do we need to perform this for all 7 days..

  3. sir,the salt remedy the second part do we have to keep that paper with salt just for one day in the pocket or we have to keep it always.please need little bit more explanation. thanks

  4. To both of you
    The paper containing Salt has to be kept with you as long as possible.
    The Salt has to be thrown directly out of the house.
    The first Prayog has to be done once and the second one with the lime for 7 day in a row.

  5. Sir please I just got an email for a job after practicing the 1st prayog. What should I do with the salt in my pocket after it has fulfilled its usefulness. Thank you.

    1. As you have gained success with the 1 Prayog; you can now immerse the salt in any water body like well, river , lake or the sea.

  6. Pls reply..Do i need to take the salt which is thrown outside and keep it? Or another pinch of salt?

  7. Sir To Which Direction the salt need to throw?and whitin how many days i can get the result?

  8. Dear Sir, I tried this experiment for ful 7 days..
    But didn't find any change
    change im carrying the salt in my pocket since 15 days
    .can I repeat it again???

  9. Do you have to do both the remedies or you can do either of them?

    1. You can do both r any one of the two remedies.

  10. Sir my husband wants to change his job what should he do

  11. Dear Neel,
    I rotated anti clock wise also in the salt process, will there be any problems regarding that, please reply.

  12. Respected Guruji,

    Please be kind to let me know if Lemon remedy can be performed before sunrise as well. during the sunset on a 4 way lane there are several people around hence very difficult to perform this in secrecy.

    Kindly guide.

    1. The timings for that remedy is during sunset, hence, it should not be done before sunrise.


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