Hanuman Remedy for Success

If you have worked hard and tried everything; yet not tasted success, you can try this Hanuman remedy to triumph over failures and become successful. The remedy is for everyone as it can be successfully performed by even the layman.

On a Saturday take a Leaf of the Peepal tree and wash it with Ganga Jal; if you are unable to get Ganga Jal, then you can use Milk. Then keep that Peepal Leaf near your seat [the place where you normally sit in you shop or office].

For the next six Saturdays repeat the same procedure, which has been mentioned above. So after seven Saturdays you will have collected seven leaves. Then write this Hanuman Mantra on each of these seven leaves –

Jai Veer Hanuman
जय वीर हनुमान
You can use any kind of ink and writing instrument for writing the mantra.

After you have completed the above, immerse the seven leaves in a flowing water body. A simple; yet powerful remedy for Hanuman Devotees. Friends I try to provide as many remedies as possible; success and failure is in the hands of God.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Peepal Leave is readily available in market or we have to break from the branch of tree?

    1. Does not matter, as long as the leaves are fresh and clean

    2. Dear Sir,
      Is it good if we break leaves from Peepal Tree Branch?

    3. There is no harm in doing that

    4. Dear Sir,
      I have one question to ask. The leaves will get dry till the last saturday so can i keep all the leaves collected in a small mug with water to keep it fresh?

    5. Ok , but see to it that they remain fresh

  2. dear sir this method is also use in sadhna.

    1. please koi aisa mantra hai jisse ki husband ko uski ex girl friends or uske doston se dur rakha ja sake ya baki ladkiyon se flirt karne se roka ja sake ....... jisse husband sirf apni wife ke sath rhe....

  3. sir pz tell me whn all leves collect then it will put on mug our bath water how many time..daily put on mug bath water

  4. pz sir tell me about this remedies....

    1. collect the leaves every saturday and keep it in safe place after you collect the seven leaves you write the hanuman mantra ,keeping the leaves fresh is upto your care , you can sprinkle water on it or just jeep in book it is safe and it will remain in good condition

  5. Dear Sir,
    Even if we keep in water all leaves after somedays they are losing their charm n color becoming like dry. So can v still use this leaves on last day?

  6. Dear Sir ,

    When do we have to immerse leaves in the running water.On the last saturday or on any other day?

  7. sir , we live abroad, and peepal leaves are not available, pan pathe are available or what else can we ue

    1. This Sadhana is specific to Peepal Leaves and other ingredients won't do.

  8. sir,
    pls provide some extreme good luck mantra. tnk you.. in advance.

  9. Sir,
    Leaves are to immersed on 7 th Saturday or the next day.
    Please guide

  10. Dear Sir,

    Today majorly all organizations are working Monday to Friday and as this remedy is for success in professional field. So, can we perform this on Tuesdays? If not, can we perform the remedy at home on Saturdays.


  11. neel sir pranam i have collected the peepal leaves for consecutive 7 sarurdays hanuman mantra also written but not yet done pravah in river water it has been 12days...now i will do .will it ve okk...plzz reply....

    1. The remedies should be performed as described in the posts, immerse the leaves in water and if the remedy does not show results do it again as recommended.

  12. Sir namaskar pipal ka pate ko milk mean dalke mantra likhna he our uske bad us pate ko kitna time ke lie pass mean rakhna he our uske bad pani meain baha Dena he

  13. Hello Guruji,

    I live overseas (UK) and where I live there are not many temples or provisions to procure all the elements you mention for this prayer or other relevant ones on your site.

    Please can you advise of any other simplistic prayer which I could do at home to generate wealth and success? I usually do hunaman chalisa everyday and 11 on tuesdays. Besides could you please recommend any prayer to achieve results for wealth and success?

    Please advise. Thank you.


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