Early Morning Shloka of Laxmi

This verse from the Sri Suktham; is a popular Sanskrit Shloka chanted every morning invoking Laxmi to shower her grace and blessing upon the chanter; it is a simple one line prayer. The Shloka is most suitable to those who have little time on their hands for time consuming Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas.

No specific rules other than hygiene and cleanliness are essential as these are the qualities most cherished by Laxmi and there can be no compromise what so ever on this issue. The Tantras have time and again stressed on the point that Laxmi never enters a dirty place and never comes near a dirty and unhygienic person.

Early in the morning upon getting up and completing the morning clothes and wearing clean clothes, chant the Shloka only once. Ladies must take a break during their monthly periods.

A simple one line prayer of Laxmi
Early Morning Shloka of Laxmi

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