Talisman to remove Fever - 3

This is one more health mantra which is used as a Talisman to remove fever. This talisman is specific to the recurring fever which appears every three to four days. Such type of fever could be due to known or unknown infections or diseases. The mantra is to be used as a charm and not to be chanted.

The Sanskrit Mantra which I have given here has to be written with any kind of ink on a clean and undamaged leaf of the Peepal Tree [Sacred Fig Tree]; using any kind of pointed writing stick.

Then it has to be tied on the right hand of the person suffering from fever using a red colored thread. The thread has to be tied to the Petiole, which is the small stick at the end of the leaf.

This charm can be prepared by anyone for free; so if you believe in these remedies, then there is no harm in trying them along with your regular and ongoing medication.

A Hindu Mantra as a Charm for Fever
Talisman to remove Fever - 3

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