The Real Vs Being

A somewhat opposite side to questioning what might be real vs. being possibly simulated or faked, (if your frozen long dead brain eventually becomes analyzed in enough detail, to be simulated into an advanced computerized future robot), can be found in many humans. Many insist on proclaiming their existence must lie quite outside mere scientific evidence, and even happily preach such a belief. This is the proud delight many humans take in proclaiming that their own conscious thinking selves must be what they insist are God (Allah, Jahveh) Given Supernatural "Eternal Souls", far beyond any ordinary simpler animal.

There is however plenty of ever increasing evidence that our conscious selves are actually nothing more than simply cumulative results from some of our natural brain functioning. But many humans refuse to accept that, considering that far too demeaning or insulting. They proudly want to consider themselves as being specially God (Allah, Jahveh) Created, far above and absolutely much outside of and beyond mere natural animal existence, as if Uniquely most Specially Elevated as Second only to Angels! They proudly love claiming that for Humans there has to instead be this Superior important added Supernatural never dying Special feature of our existence quite outside normal testable ordinary natural evidence. To ever instead consider any of that as untrue would for many become much too badly or sadly uncomfortable.

But of course many folks quite understandably terribly strongly crave to believe in having an almost magical feature which they very much desire to believe will for them somehow live on forever beyond death! Many may never want to accept death as being a final total end to themselves. They are essentially declaring: I'm so Super Special, so far beyond any ordinary life, and so far above simple nature, that it absolutely requires something most Special and completely Supernatural, to give answer to their conscious existence!

Pretty neat, huh? Never mind if that makes no rational sense. Just apply some special happy imagination to one aspect of your existence, your conscious thinking self, and you magically convert and happily elevate your thinking self into something Supernatural which can Never fully die, Second only to Angels! Wow! No wonder many humans loved happily swallowing this Magical Special Lofty Souls explanation for their conscious thinking selves!

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