Frozen Brains stimulated into real persons

Possibly some far future most interested folks might choose to devote enough microrobotically assisted free time to analyze some past folks' frozen brains so extensively that they could finally decide to try simulating into some advanced computer operated robot(s) your analyzed past thinking self? Some might debate whether such a past long dead human, merely mentally simulated into some robot, should or should not maybe eventually become accepted as becoming a real person, as if some legitimate human?

After all, this would become far different from simply waking from long deep sleep! You had long been totally dead, completely terminated! Correct? No longer would you be any living biological human.

Or suppose you are in fact simulated, becoming some mental programing within something "you" can't truly sense in any way, with all your seeming senses like sight, sound, touch, taste, scents, instead being faked within this "something" so totally well that everything "you" perceive as real is instead all externally constructed patched in fakery. How can "you" tell? Poke a pin in your arm. Ouch! Or so it's made to seem! It could instead all be just complex constructed programing running in ... who knows what? In the real true universe you can't penetrate and study, no arm, no pin, no real you. All of the apparent world around "you" could in fact be faked images fed into the mind stimulating program, running in ... who knows what?

And there may be no way "you" can distinguish what could represent your true past former self vs. some possibly new patched in transforming faked details, which could subtly alter away from yourpast true former living thinking existence. And so "you" would maybe not really represent your past true thinking self. This would mean you shouldn't properly be given any legal recognition and legal rights as if somehow some reawakened past individual existence.

It's slightly like some highly advanced dream: this seems very real to you, though it's just a faked false unreal dream in, by ... "something" you have no way to ever step outside and study. Try proving otherwise without relying on unproven assumptions about what may be real around you. Maybe you think you conceive some test, but all test results in the "something" can be faked. Your tests conclusions can't be truly proven to be real. So how could such a mentally simulated "you" ever become properly accepted in such a future as any real person?

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