Predict Future from Testicles

As readers would have noticed, this site has been publishing some really interesting Indian Tantras to predict the future. These are rare and unique techniques used for predictions. Today a unique Tantra for predicting the future of men  from the testicles has been posted. However I do not vouch for these Tantras; I leave it to the reader.

But as this Tantra has been practiced in the ancient times, some people would certainly experienced some truth, regarding such predictions.
The man who has only one testicle does not have a long life span.
If both the testicles are not of a similar size and shape, then such a man has a lively and unstable nature.
If the testicles are long and slant straight downwards, then the man lives for a hundred years.
If the testicles slant towards the left, this person has no difficulty in fathering children.
If the testicles are continuously in a contracted state; such a man lives in poverty.
If the testicles are big, like a horse, then the person has love affairs and relations with beautiful women.
Small testicles indicate a short life span.

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