Traits in Women from the Eyes

This is a most interesting Indian Tantra which is said to indicate and predict the traits and inherent qualities present in a woman from the size, shape and color and movement of her eyes.

This Tantra is practiced by astrologers and face readers to predict the future; as also the unique traits which are present in most women. However don’t take it very seriously; as there are numerous other factors which determine the fate of humans.

If the eyes are vertical in shape, then such a woman does not have a very long life.
Small eyes are indicative of unfaithful and immoral traits in that woman
A woman having eyes of a yellowish brown color is said to be a source of danger to her husband.
A woman of reddish-brown complexion and black eyes is said to be cruel and has no problems in hurting others.
Unstable and active eyes hint at sadness and sorrow.
Shifty eyes hint at an immoral nature.
Round eyes in a woman indicate that she is found of meat and other non vegetarian food.

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  1. hello sir... this really scared me because i have yellowish brown eyes is there anything i can do to stop the danger i am not married yet but i want a solution to this problem please help

    1. sir am also having yellowish eyes plz give me a kind and devine solution to overcome from this

  2. Both of you, as I have said there are many other factors which determine the future, so do not take this to heart.

  3. Can I hav the Aghora Rudra Mantra in Dev Nagari Script Please ? Regds


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