Gorakhnath Travel Protection Mantra

Today I am writing about a most unique and powerful Shabar mantra specifically for protection during travel; especially long journeys and voyages, which are life threatening and dangerous. I think this one will be most beneficial to the devote readers of this site.

This is a Navnath Mantra which seeks protection from the great Master Guru Gorakhnath from each and every kind of danger; including troubles from thieves and dacoits; during the course of the journey.

The Mantra Sadhana is thus – Before commencing the journey, chant this mantra 108 times and while in the process of chanting the mantra lightly rotate the palms of both the hands over the face.

This Gorakhnath Mantra Sadhana will not only give protection; but will also make the travel successful and comfortable.

Gorakhnath Travel Protection Mantra for Security
Gorakhnath Travel Protection Mantra

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