Mantras for Concentration and Focus

Two short mantras for improving concentration and focus are given here. The first one is a Saraswati mantra; dedicated to the Goddess of learning and the second one is from the Garuda Purana; an ancient Indian text dedicated exclusively to the teachings Vishnu imparted to Garuda; the King of the bird kingdom.

These mantras are extremely useful is aiding single minded concentration and focus and hence most useful those engaged in scholarly and scientific research or studies of any kind.

The Mantra Sadhana is not that difficult, either one of these two mantras has to be chanted by the student before commencing his studies or research. The number of chants I would recommend is one Mala or 108 chants, per day.

Hindu Mantras for Concentration and Focus
Mantras for Concentration and Focus

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  1. For how many days should I chant this?

    1. 108 Mantra Chants per day until you feel you have improved your concentration and focus as desired by you.

    2. As written above, //either one of these two mantras has to be chanted by the student before commencing his studies or research //

      Do I have to chant 108 times right before commencing my studies? Or could I do that in the morning ?
      Please reply.

    3. One more question: it is said that the rosary should be wrapped by a piece of clothe or something while chanting. True?

    4. U should cover ur rosery with gomukhi otherwise the power of ur chant will be transferred to whoever look at it..

    5. Thanks you, swapnil Jee.

  2. शुरुवात कब कैसे करणी हैं. कोन्सा दिन चूनाना हैं गुरुजी


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