Paranormal Remedy to increase Ancestral Property

If somehow you are getting the feeling or even experiencing that the value of your ancestral property, holdings or legacy is declining, instead of increasing; a specific paranormal remedy practiced in India to increase ancestral property is given here.

Om any Thursday a small Matka [Mud Pot used for storing water] has to be purchased. Then it has to be wrapped in a clean Yellow colored cloth and tied with a Yellow colored string. This done it has to be hung inside your home.

The Makta, once it has been hung must not be touched unnecessarily or moved. Then on the next Thursday remove this Matka and immerse it in a flowing water body; like a sea or a river. Then replace it with a new Matka, and follow the same procedure.

This Sadhana has to be done for 7 Thursdays in a row for it to be fruitful and stop the decline in your ancestral property and make it increase. There is no need to chant any Mantra or Prarthana.

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  1. do we need to store anything in it or keep it empty?

  2. Read the post; it has to be empty

  3. Neelji
    Agar kisi ki ancestral property par kisi sambandhi ne kabza kar rakha ho aur kisi bhi stithi main ghar se nikaana chahta ho to aise shatru sambandhi se apni property wspas lene kay liye krapya koi achook mantra /sadhna/remedy avam charm/yantra sujhaayein

  4. Dear sir
    Could I buy or collect 7 matka on same Thursday or every Thursday it will buy, please clarify .


    1. All the Matkas can be purchased on the same Thursday and stored, but the remedy has to be practiced as described with each Matka on 7 Thursdays.

  5. Sir
    1) should the cloth be changed every Thursday ?
    2) should the matka be covered with clay lid of matka while hanging ?
    3) what size of matka should be ? ie minimum suggested height of matka ,
    4)I have seen covering the matka in a cloth by tying a knot. In this case it is a knot or simple wrapping ? After that string of same colored cloth be used?
    5) on next Thursday, is the matka has to be immersed ALONGWITH cloth and string ?
    6) should the next matka be hanged after immersion of earlier one ?

    1. The cloth should be changed every Thursday.
      There is no need to cover the Matka with a lid, the Makta can be of a small size, can even be the size of a Katora.
      It can be a simple wrapping and any color thread can be used, except black.
      The Matka should be immersed along with the cloth and string and after that the next Matka should be hanged.


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