Mantra Sadhana for Sade Sati

This is a remedy to negate the ill effects of Sade Sati; the dreaded transit of Saturn in the Horoscope. This Sadhana involves the use of a Shani Mantra. This Sadesati Nivaran Sadhana has to be practiced for 21 Saturdays in a row. The Sadhana can be practiced by the affected person or anyone else on him. This Sadhana is also useful to those who practice such paranormal remedies to help people who are affected by this malefic transit.

The Sadhana is practiced by taking a broken piece of a Matka [Mud Pot] and then writing the Sanskrit version of the Shani Mantra - Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah. || [ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः ||] on it and below it the full name of the person affected by Sadi Sati. Then it has to be wrapped in an old cloth, which is in use by the affected person.

This done this wrapped piece has to be rotated clockwise over the body of the affected person; from head to toe. This is called the Utara and it has to be done seven times in all. While doing the Utara the Shani Mantra should not be chanted.

Then this wrapped piece has to be immersed in any flowing water body like a river or sea.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    You have mentioned above that the mantra has to be written on the matka piece. May I kindly ask you to confirm if there is any specific method or ink of writing for e.g. by chalk, kumkum, haldi, astagandh etc.

    Thank you,

    Vijay Hivarkar

    1. Though there is no prescribed method you can try writing the mantra with a piece of coal.

  2. Dear sir ,
    we do not have any river or sea the placewe live only there are ponds avialable. can we put the the same in pond

  3. Pranam Guruji,
    I am wearing Nilam given by an expert for sadesati from 3 yrs. As my problems were not solved. I went to another 1. My rashi is Scorpio. But I met with an another expert who gave me Gomed to wear & told not to wear neelam. Is their is any harmful effects of wearing both gamestones.??

    1. That is a specific question you should ask your astrologer as everything depends upon the exact planetary positions in your Kundali.


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