What is Nirvana

The ancient Indian scripture the Katha Upanishad gives a very interesting comparison between the various human qualities and goes higher and higher to explain what is “Nirvana”; the final liberation of man. The wordings have a deeper and profound meaning which will be useful to the layman striving for ultimate peace.

I have translated the meaning and put it into simplified English from the original Sanskrit verses; so the layman can easily understand it.
“Superior to the sensory organs is the Mind.
Reason is superior to the Mind.
Higher than the Mind is Nature.
Higher than Nature is the formless Void.”

In an easy and simple way the text, seeks to teach those on the path to find “Nirvana” that each state has to be transcended by the one which is higher to it.

The first two lines are easy to understand. The third one explained simply “what you propose, God disposes”; no matter how hard you try to Reason and use your intelligence; you cannot beat nature, it will ultimately have its own way. Nature has been described by various schools of Indian philosophy as “Universal Mind”, the “Cosmic Mind” and numerous other names.

The Void; in which Creation rests and exists, is what has to be known and realized; it is the ultimate goal. It is the born as well as the Unborn; that which always existed.

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