Meaning of Enlightenment

I have spoken about Enlightenment in the past and what those on the path to Enlightenment seek. Still doubts exist as to what Enlightenment really is. To understand this first and foremost one has to fully understand and believe the meaning of Enlightenment in the real Spiritual sense of the word.

Enlightenment simply means a “Revelation “. Revelation means a sudden unraveling of facts unknown before. It is first hand and only first hand knowledge which you are after. Once you have understood the meaning and what is it that you are really after; then you can proceed further.

Many on the path seek this knowledge in the text and scriptures about those who they have heard achieved Enlightenment; like the Buddha. Reading such texts and experiences will no doubt inspire you. As you start reading these experiences with concentration, trying to sink in every word your mind will enter a new frequency level, which you had never experienced before. Then you will begin to believe that you are on the verge of achieving Enlightenment. These moments will last for some time and then start wearing off; you are back to where you began.

What you experienced was an unintentional state of self-hypnosis. The experiences of the enlightened ones were first hand for them; but for you second hand. The lesson Enlightenment can never be achieved through second hand knowledge.

The Universe inside you is what the Bhagavad-Gita preaches about time and again. The Universe is what you experience with your five senses every moment of your life. Each and every living organism has it own individual Universe. One has to remember here that one cannot visualize the Universe through the thoughts or teachings of someone else.

What happens when one becomes Enlightened cannot be a preconceive notion. For example, you might have heard what the Buddha or someone else experienced. If you try to duplicate their experiences, you are only going to reach a state probably like some sort of self-hypnosis.

What will happen if you achieve Enlightenment and the “Revelation “.which follows cannot be known and pre judged. What supernatural powers you might or might not achieve cannot be known beforehand.

What those on the Path to Enlightenment should remember is to seek Enlightenment with out any pre conceived notions. What happens during the “Revelation “. Will always remain unknown till you achieve it.

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