Meditation for Enlightenment

These are some experts from the Chapter “The way to the Supreme Person”, from the Bhagavad-Gita.

These verses are descriptive of what to contemplate and meditate upon for those on Path to Enlightenment. Those who seek should according to the Gita contemplate and learn the art of Meditation on the Unborn. The Supreme Being or the Unborn is something which is beyond what is stored in the storehouse of memory; it is indescribable.

The sun does not illuminate, nor the moon nor the fire; That is my Supreme State reaching which they do not return.

The light in the sun which illuminates the world and that in the moon and the fire – know that light to be mine.

Entering the earth with my energy, I support the beings; and I nourish all the herbs, becoming the watery moon.

I am seated in the heart of all beings; from Me come memory and knowledge as also their loss.

Since I am beyond the perishable and even excel the imperishable, therefore I am known by everything as the Supreme Being.

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