The most powerful Mantra in the world

An adept once told me about the most powerful Mantra in the world - Shivoham or शिवोहम. Literally translated in English it means ‘I am Shiva’.

If you wonder how a man can ever be Shiva. It’s because in every individual is present in a potential form; the Ever-Existent whom we call Shiva.

Shivatattva is the highest principle in Indian Philosophy. This Tattva is that which is beyond everything; it is attribute less, unborn and changeless. Everything exists in this Tattva and this Tattva exists in everything.

This is the ultimate state of existence which those on the Path to Enlightenment seek. This is the state of total Non Duality.

The Universal Vibration Mantra Shivoham

The Great Vibratory Sound Shivoham 3DImage

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  1. I am very happy to see this site

  2. Dear Gurujee please advice how to recite this mantra. I am a devotee of lord shiva.

  3. before chanting, have bath, pray to lord ganesha and then having a 108 bead panch mukhi rudraksha mala, chant this mantra
    SHI VO HaM

  4. Namaste Does I chant this mantra on kushasan for some hours in bramhamuharat and also please give benefit of this mantra and advice to chant

  5. Does beginner chant this mantra or try to know by expert to know about mantra

    1. If you are well versed in Mantra Vidya you can chant the Mantra, it all depends upon your mental capacity.

  6. Dear sir,
    I had a strong push when I touched the sanskrit word of this mantra but not with the english word.

  7. Shall I add Aum before this mantra..


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