Nostradamus - End of Super Robot Program

Science fiction more often than not speaks of artificial intelligence ruling and controlling humanity. A probable scenario is of a robotic program evolving and mutating to such an extent that it controls its controllers; the people who developed it for selfish purposes.

This is one of the Prophecies  of Nostradamus, which has intrigued me for a long time. This obviously is a futuristic prophecy . Gigantic strides are taking place in software development; what you read and observe; and what you don’t know; development behind the scenes.

Century 1 – 22
Ce que viura & n'ayant aucun sens,
Viendra leser à mort son artifice.
Authun, Chaalon, Langres & les deux Sens,
La gresle & glace fera grand malefice.

Century 1 - 22
An entity existing without any senses will cause its own end to happen through artifice. At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens will experience great damage from hail and ice.

I think I have interpreted this Nostradamus prophecy correctly. This is scenario from the future where a program created specially to keep tabs on every human starts mutating. As it mutates it starts developing and gets more and more sophisticated. It then starts controlling its controllers; and all humans.

There are of course exceptions to the rule; certain advanced individuals wanting freedom from the clutches of this program. These are the people who through trickery cause the super robot program to end itself.

The other part of the Quatrain about damage to some landmarks in France due to hail and ice is part of the trickery. The damage will be widespread and not localized to France as the program ends itself. Nostradamus lived in France; he described French landmarks; because he knew about them and could describe them.

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