Nostradamus - Indian stock market wiped out

This was a prophecy of Nostradamus which I have interpreted in June of last year in my posts on Nostradamus-Aftermath of the coming Crash and Nostradamus-Aftermath of the coming Crash - 2..The prophecy was about the discovery of the looted thousands of Billions from the Indian treasury and the economic crash which followed.

A lot has changed in this period. Many people were skeptical then when one spoke about the extent of the loot; no one really knew. Since then there has been a continuous chain reaction of scam after scam being uncovered. People can now to an extent estimate the amount of looting.

This chain reaction will go on and on till probably everything is unearthed. Bigger and bigger names will come within the ambit of the scams and looting. I had written a post on the malpractices in the Indian Stock Markets and how the common Indian was being ripped off. This Quatrain is strongly related.

This Nostradamus prophecy certainly spells financial doom and chaos. The Indian stock market will be wiped out and the scripts and bonds will not be worth even the paper on which they are printed.

It is only the big time scamsters the politicians and industrialists who know the real extent of the damage which they have caused to the Indian treasury. When the bigger skeletons starts tumbling out its unprecedented panic as the Indian stock market will be wiped out.

Century- 8- 28.
Les simulachres d'or et d'argent enflez,
Qu'apres le rapt lac au feu furent iettez
Au descouuert estaincts tous & troublez.
Au marbre escripts, perscripts interiettez.

The proofs of how the gold and silver inflated, after the thefts were thrown in the lake of fire, the discovery of which showed how the treasury was exhausted and plundered. All scripts and bonds will be wiped out.

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