Why Wikileaks won't disclose illegal Indian Swiss accounts

Wikileaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange had stated what everyone knew, that the Indian illegal funds stashed away in Swiss Banks are much more than those of any other nation. Assange had further slammed the Indian Government for their half hearted response in recovering this money.

The Wikileaks editor had further said that technical problems like double taxation and other legal roadblocks had nothing to do with recovering this money. The whistle blower Judith Elmer is being held” hostage” by the Swiss Bank[read Swiss Government].A swap deal is being offered ‘data for the hostage’. This is the only reason Why Wikileaks won't disclose illegal Indian Swiss accounts.

This is I think the only Wikileaks “disclosure” which is being sought to be ‘killed’ by a lot of vested interest; Indian as well as the Swiss criminals. They have succeeded till now in blocking the disclosures. Let alone recovering the 1.5 trillion dollars loot; they don’t want even the names of the alleged looters to be made public.

This lends credibility to the rumors circulation all around that a large percentage of the funds belong to the New World Order controlling India. It is these Illuminati, which dictate the policies of the Indian Government. This is the one and only logical conclusion.

The real magnitude of the looted funds in yet to be ascertained. The 1.5 trillion dollars, which are being protected by the Swiss criminals, don’t account for the entire loot. One doesn’t know about the funds in other tax havens, and what about the funds hidden in India itself. And what about the investments in corporate and real estate assets. The actual amount could be mind-boggling and beyond your wildest dreams.

One doesn’t know the exact amount of looted money taken out of the country through ‘Hawala’ and then how much of it is being rerouted back to India through ‘Derivative Instruments’ like ‘Participatory notes’. One also doesn’t know who controls these FII’s who influence the prices and fluctuations in the stock market. One also does not know why the Indian Government has not plugged this loophole.

Why did the Indian Government come down so brutally on the Baba Ramdev agitation; after all, they were only asking for a tough law to bring back the loot. All this sound strange and mystifying. The only logical reason is like the whistle blower Judith Elmer, the Indian Government is being held hostage by the Illuminati who control them.

This is also the only reason why they don’t want the Prime Minister under the ambit of the Jan Lokpal; the Prime Minister leads directly to them.

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