The costs of living in space settlements

The "fees" the investors got from settlers were requested progress to be achieved on subtasks assigned to them. Some subtasks included improved planned molecular components intended for making ever better more efficiently capable robotic devices.

Settlers found such subtasks often involved quite interesting molecular technology challenges. This kept settlers from getting bored from having too little to do up here, (daily being robotically so well served). The fees were also partly used to effectively indirectly pay for all which might be provided by doctors, teachers, etc.

With ever more improved robotic serving devices being robotically produced for the rising settlement population, while supplying utilities, farmed food needs, etc., while also manufacturing and distributing products, therefore in such a settlement folks nicely wouldn't have to work as long for weekly incomes as required by traditional folks slaving away down on Earth.

The costs up here weren't high, thanks to all the extensive Robotic refining and construction. And the investors in making space settlements also soon decently profited as they liked from some better (non genetic) improved products given them, soon made on Earth. (The investors could market them cheaper than competitors, thanks to taking advantage of superior new robotic manufacturing.)

The fees received by the investment group would help them soon have some new constructed more improved robotic equipment, made on their starting M-type (metal-rich) asteroid, reprogrammed ready to start forming some new type of space settlement (s) for more interested Earth folks. Also they could have new and improved robotic sets sent to a few other useful asteroids, also orbiting between Earth & Mars, to then expand there and soon become able to refine more things to make more robotic equipment, to eventually start tossing out more loads, as would become wanted, like for initially getting constructed at least one bigger space settlement maybe also orbiting high around Earth.

And then that would eventually begin paying back to the investors fresh new "fees" from new settlers wanting to also try living in space, to enjoy gaining comfortable at most fractional weight fun living, unconfined to Earth's sometimes lousy weather (and sometimes rather restrictive governments).

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