Most powerful mantra to find a job

This is part of a verse from the Stotra Soundarya Lahari [waves of happiness] composed by the great saint and the greatest exponent of Non Duality Adi Sankaracharya. This verse is from the first section called Ananda Lahari [waves of happiness].

This is a completely energized Satvik [pure] composition full of unique mantras. This particular part of a verse is said to be a most powerful mantra to find a job or to progress in your current employment.

The energized chant in this mantra invokes the Universal mother and means that to worship the feet of the divine mother is the same as worshipping the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

The continuous chanting of this mantra is said to help the jobless find employment.

Trayanam devanam thrigunajanitanam tav Shive
Bhavet puja puja tav charanayorya virachita ll

त्रयाणां देवानां त्रिगुणजनितानां तव शिवे
भवेत् पूजा पूजा तव चरणायोर्या विरचिता ll

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  2. Harish Kumar S
    Place of Birth - Bangalore
    Time of birth 12:45pm

    Respected Guruji,

    My present life has been going in a very difficult way, My marriage lasted for only afew days and I had a child not born to me, Got a divorce and lost my job, finances and everything I had, People say that my ex family must have done black magic on me.. am struggling with out a job, Finance and money, let alone marriage. Kindly advice what i need to do, I want to do it devotedly and want to get out of the situation I am in,

    Please assit me with your guidance

    1. Hi Harish,
      You can Visit the Chilkur Balaji Temple after coming to Hyderabad where it is very famous as the Lord Only wants you to go around the temple for 11 rounds and choose your wish.
      When your desire is fulfilled, you have to rotate 108 times with Gratitude to the Lord, that is all, so simple.

      If you are able to come soon, that will be great.
      Till that time, please chant Om Pootatmane Namaha , Thinking
      of Lord Venkateshwara and he will help you !

  3. Dear Neel sahib,

    There are so many mantras in each category ( wealth, etc.), can you kindly highlight the best mantra based on your experience in each category for us novices to try otherwise we have to pick one randomly

  4. Name: Kishore Das Gender: M DOB: 17/10/1978 Time: 04.15am Place: Shillong, Meghalaya
    On March 2013 i lost my job and currently i am in search for another one. Till date no luck in spite of trying hard. I just want to know when’ll i get another job and how will my luck favor me. Please do reply

  5. I am job less life has become miserable. I am graduate and it seems very difficult to get desired job.plz do guide me....

  6. sir m also jobless i want to join banking bt again nd again only failure comes to my hand plzzz tell how many times we hv to chant this mantra and its procedures plzz

  7. Helo sir , m kiran , I m jobless, every time failure comes to my hand, pls tel me wht can I do, how I get job

  8. Hi sir/madam, I am jobless, company has closed in November 2013, please suggest me any mantra for getting back job with good company.

  9. hello sir,
    my name is lavanya,dob 3-2-1979,am married and having son of 4 years,before marriage I used to work as MBA lecturer.then I stopped my job when I was I want to restart my career.i want a job.i have done a software course to look a job in the same stream as of my husband.but I am not able to get totally depressed in my husband also scolding me to not able to understand which side to go whether software side or faculty side.please suggest me a mantra for getting a right job for me and restart my relationship with my husband is also not proper due to this reason.please help me in getting job and lead my life peasefully.

    1. You can try practising this mantra, the qualities and origin of this mantra is described in the post.

  10. Respected Guruji,
    I am jobless since more than a year have been trying hard but no success every where i go i get only bad luck reply as no
    please help me my dob is 06-05-83 dont knw which direction to go
    please help n guide.,

  11. sir.
    I am jobless since more than 3 success. Any mantram and pooja tell.To get a good job and setteled the life.My DOB is 27-07-1989.
    and time is night 10.55PM.Please help sir,getting ajob

  12. Really a powerful mantra. I was jobless for months before I tried this mantra and got a job. I chanted this mantra every night for around 10-15 mins.

  13. Please tell me about my date of birth 02-03-1972 , 6.02 AM .
    I am jobless since 6 months I am trying but not get through. Please suggest me

  14. Guruji namste
    Main bhut dhuki hu,main apki help chati hu,muje job chaiye, meri divorce case court main hai aur mere husband ka samaj nahi ata woh confused hai kabi kuch bolte hai kabi kuch isleye main depression main jaa rahi hu plz help me to move on from my life and settle in life and want a good job

  15. Dear Sir,

    How many times it has to be chanted 108 or 5-10 minutes daily. Does your food intake has to be satvik or regular food can be consumed. Kindly let us know.


    1. You can chant the mantra as many times as you wish.

  16. respected sir
    main kisi tantrik se bahut paresan hun usne karnpichasini siddhi ki hai main jo bhi kuch plan banata hu vo jan jata hai aur phir mujhe damage ker deta hai koe mantra batayen jisse main karnpichasini se bach saku aapka aabhari rahunga
    amit kumar

  17. respected sir
    i am jagadeesh kumar i am suffering from new health if one problem is slove again getting new health problem. can show me solution for this.


    1. Kindly look up the Health Mantras, Remedies, Healing Yantras Sections in which a diverse range of health related information has been published.

  18. Sir shouldn't we eat non veg while. Chanting it

  19. Sir,

    Please help me out. I am not getting any job for tge last 3yrs. Every time I go for the interview after interview I always get good feedback from then but they dnt give me the job.. Please help

  20. Hello Neel,

    Thanks for the information, and I need little more can u please tell if I can use rudraksh mala for japa and how many mala needs to be done per day.


  21. Pranam Neel ji,
    Can we chant the full verse instead of the half given in this remedy?
    Any specific reason why only half verse has to be recited?

  22. Hello currently I am jobless and searching for a job. Will I get the govt job? and also suffering from many problems in family. I am very much depressed. There is lack of peace in family.


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