Short prayer for the practitioners of Non-Duality

This short prayer or Prarthana is for the sincere and dedicated practitioners of Non Duality. The practitioners of Non-Duality more often than not contemplate on the nature of the Ever – Existent in order to come close and ultimately merge their being in to it.

This short prayer describes the nature of the Ever- Existent in a single verse.

आनंदम् अखंडम् अनंतम् ब्रह्म l
अनुपम् ज्योति-स्वरुपम् ब्रह्म ll

Anandam akhandam anantam brahma l
Anupam jyoti- swaroopam brahma ll

Brahma is the undivided infinite who is ecstasy l
Brahma is the incomparable eternal light ll

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