Home remedies using Turmeric

Turmeric or Haldi [हल्दी] in Hindi is an integral part and parcel of cooking in most parts of the world; especially in India. It is a common food additive used to give a distinctive flavor to food. There are numerous medical benefits attributed to Turmeric. In Ayurvedic medicine Turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory agent and antiseptic.

Here I am giving some Simple Home Remedies for health related problems using Turmeric.

A little mixture of Turmeric and Pepper taken with warm milk gives relief from fever and chills associated with it.

A pinch of Turmeric taken with warm milk at night gives relief from throat inflammation, and irritation due to infection.

Turmeric mixed with honey reduces the inflammation of Tonsils if applied on the affected area.

The smoke emitting from burning Turmeric reduces cough and cold.

A mixture of about 6 grams Turmeric and a little bit of cow urine if taken orally is said to cure and remove white spots from the skin.

Infections of the Guinea worm [ Naru] are reduced if a little bit of Turmeric mixed with some male urine is applied on the infected area..

The disease of Elephantiasis is said to be cured if a mixture of Turmeric, cow urine and Jaggery are taken orally for a few days.

Internal and concealed wounds are cured if a mixture of Turmeric and Lime are applied over the affected body part.

If a piece of roasted Turmeric is placed in the mouth at night it is said to cure cough and cold.

12 grams of Turmeric mixed with 50 grams curd if taken orally for some days are said to cure the illness of Jaundice.

A little bit of Turmeric mixed some salt and Jaggery if given to children with milk is said to cure cough, cold and problems in breathing.

A little bit of Turmeric mixed with Jaggery and taken with buttermilk is said to give relief from the illness of Kidney Stones.

If Turmeric is applied and lightly pressed over a wound which is bleeding, then the bleeding stops and the wound heals quickly.

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  1. I've always used the powder, rather than the actual root for skin health. Very interesting tips. I will definitely give the roasted turmeric a try.

  2. Thank your post really useful .Will it really cure
    Elephantiasis Disease


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