Removing the evil eye from infants

Children especially infants are said to be most susceptible to Evil Eye. The Evil Eye signifies some that some undesirable vibrations, mostly negative coming in contact with the Aura of someone. These vibrations are not necessarily intentional and are normally triggered off unintentionally. The protective Aura around infants is undeveloped and hence cannot deflect such undesirable vibrations; hence they are the most susceptible.

This is a Simple Remedy which is helpful in Removing the Evil Eye in infants. This remedy does not require the use of any Mantra or any other complicated procedures and is easy to perform.

Take some rice grains and sprinkle and mix them with some turmeric [haldi] powder and hold them in your hand. Then in the other hand take some water in your palm and rotate both the hands clockwise over the infant 3 times. This process is known as Utara [removing the evil eye] .Then throw the rice and water in the toilet and pour some water over it.

Note – This article is not aimed at promoting superstition but as written for information purposes only.

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