Yantra for success in gambling

This is a Yantra which is said to give you success in generating Wealth through gambling and games of chance.

This Yantra has to be written on a clean white piece of paper on the night of Diwali under Swati Nakshtra [Arcturus]. Then this Yantra has to be stitched in a piece of cloth and worn on your wrist. It is said this ensures success in gambling and games of chance.


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  1. Sir any other day insted of diwali night print yantra on white paper which day print yantra

  2. Sir ,
    Can you help me made this yantra . For this yantra its important to made in diwali night. Not another day.and swati nakshatra is important..
    Pl. Reply me .

  3. Hi Sir,
    Could please explain the night of Diwali under Swati Nakshtra. Iam from the U.S. and have no idea about this. Thanks so much Neel.

  4. under swati nakshatra means?
    is it a star , under which i have to write the yantra?
    or ONLY ON THE DIWALI night will be fine?

  5. Sir yeh mantra kis ink ke sath likhana hai plz tell me before diwali.

  6. Guru Ji Namaskar Ji,
    I made this yantra in diwali night . And where on my right wirst . But by mistake it is little bit damage with water so,that what I do ?
    Make a new yantra Aur pani may par parvahit kar do .
    And if I made new I wait diwali night Aur made another day ..
    Pls. Can help me.
    I waiting you reply guru Ji

  7. Namaste Guruji
    this year Diwali is on 11th of nov 2015 wednesday
    and swati nakshtra time in U.K. is
    Start Time : Tue, 10/11/15, 05:32 AM
    End Time : Wed, 11/11/15, 08:04 AM
    so can we make this yantra on Diwali morning ?
    there is no swati nakshatra on Diwali night this year
    Pls guide me
    Thank you

    1. You can make the Yantra on Swati Nakshatra on any of the 4 or 5 days of Diwali.

  8. ........सर इस यन्त्र में गलती हे ..ये १३६ का यन्त्र हे ....जो आप ने दिया हे .....उसमे गलती हे ..
    .....६०-67-०२-०७ ...१३६ .... ये सही हे ...
    .....०६-०३-६४-०५ ...७८ ... यहाँ ०५ की जगह ६३ होना चाहिए
    .....६६-६१-०८-०१ ..१३६... ये सही हे ...
    .....०६-०५-८२-६५..१५८.. यहाँ गलती हे ..०६ की जगह ०४ और ८२ की जगह ६२ होना चाहिए .. -----------------------------
    ....१३८-१३६-१५६- ७८...खड़ी और आड़ी लाइन का टोटल ...एक जैसा नहीं हे ...
    ------------------------------------निचे मैंने सही लिखा हे .....
    .... ६०-६७-०२ -०७ =१३६ ..
    .....०६-०३-६४ -६३ =१३६ ..
    .....६६-६१-०८-०१ = १३६ ..
    .....०४-०५-६२-६५ =१३६ .. ....---------------------------

    1. The yantra given by me is correct, there are more than one variations of the same yantra.

  9. NEEL N sirji,The yantra givan by you is not Corret....सर कोई भी यन्त्र किसी एक संख्या को निर्देश करता हे ....ये भी १३६ =१०=१ का प्रतिक हे ..जैसे बीसा यन्त्र ...२ का ....और भी बहोत यन्त्र हे जिस का खड़ी लाइन और आड़ी लाइन और क्रोस लाइन की संख्या एक ही आती हे ...जैसी आप की मर्जी .....जय गुरुदेव .....

    1. The version given here is the same which is given in the Tantic text, I have re-checked once again.

  10. Dear Neel N sir, can the yantra also be written in english numbers? Like
    There the same numbers but english numbers.

    1. Yes, the Yantra can be written in english.


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