Experiment to subdue enemy

Most often I am asked about simple remedies to overcome everyday problems relating to Protection  Health or Wealth by my non Indian readers who find it difficult to pronounce the various Mantras which have been prescribed for these problems. As I find it difficult to answer all mails, I try to post remedies for common problems.

This here is a experiment to subdue a enemy who you find is an obstacle in your path, or who you feel is doing you harm or is a danger to you. Kindly take this seriously as people who have tried this told me this works wonders.

First you have to get sound sleep , for this all you have to do is to wash your hands and feet with normal water before bedtime. This ensures sound sleep without nightmares or fear.

Then when you get up in the morning feeling relaxed and fresh, the first thing you have to do is to abuse and curse that that person taking his name, this should be with feeling and from the bottom of your heart.

Then write the name of that person with black ink on a Bhojpatra[ paper made from Betula utilis (Himalayan Birch], if you do not find one, then you can use a white piece of paper.

Then you have to go to a graveyard and bury that Bhojpatra or piece of paper just next to the root of a Pipal tree [ sacred fig

This is said to subdue you enemy and he will turn favorable towards you.

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  1. is it a must to go the graveyard sir,?

  2. can it be buried by the root of a birch tree or some other tree common in northern europe? There are no fig trees in graveyards here.

    1. If u want u may bury it along a lake or a river bed shore of sea or a stream any flowing water body ok but make sure u say visualizing that person in ur heart saying either be subdued or I just don't want you

  3. please reply, can it be burried under any tree in the graveyard,because there is no pipal tree here in the u.s.a.

    1. No the Sadhana saya Pipal tree.

    2. My dear pAyal if u r in newyork go to any big garden in queens or manhattan look carefully there r a kind of pipal like trees whose leaves are a bit similar to peepul tree just bury it under that tree. See there are a few cemeteries that r open what u do excluding a Sunday u go anyday but check that it is not black day amavasya always remember u must never do this expt three days prior and after amavasya for e.g amavasya ke pehle 3-4days is "A" ,thereafter amavasya"B",3-4days after it(C) u shud avoid this time. Also remember do not attempt during periods ok. Anymore guidance visit the site.

  4. if there are no pipal tree in graveyard but piple tree everywhere...will that piple tree do? or can't it just be buried in the graveyard?

  5. Sir, my wife wants to get separated from me, can i do this activity for her as well so that nothing bad happens as i lover her and my son a lot?

    1. Sanjivji aap vashikaran mantra for wife or any person dekhiye puri site dekhiye u shud be able to find what u r looking for. Keep surfing the site thoroughly see it is indeed a boon. Regards Vicky ji


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